The office isn’t dead, but its new form is still unclear. With the rise of remote work and hybrid schedules, the lines between home and office are blurry. Employers striving to make the office home base again must look beyond the original features and amenities that once defined the “modern” workplace. This means listening to employees, learning what they need to feel comfortable, healthy, and inspired, and investing in office overhauls to make the workplace a destination.

While remote work provides new opportunities, it has its limitations. Lack of face-to-face interactions can shrink team bonds, stifle innovation, and lead to a detached culture. Emerging office design trends not only put workplace culture first, but also prioritize well-being. Studies show that employees are more productive, creative, and connected to their colleagues when they are happy and healthy.

In this article, you get a glimpse at the office design trends of tomorrow as defined by Ambius’ team of award-winning design consultants. Drawing on their extensive experience working with large employers across North America, our designers have rare insights into the concepts that are emerging, trending, and here to stay as the office landscape evolves. Here are the five unique macro trends driving office design forward in 2023:

Creative Casual 

working area

Informality is in. This trend reflects a shift towards casual and creative expression in the office, with employees “dressing down” in all aspects of work.

Light and Flexible 


Work styles are constantly evolving. This trend gives employees the freedom to create their ideal working environment. It also offers the flexibility to pivot for new schedules and projects.



Creating a “home away from home” environment can be a pleasant surprise and alleviate pain points of the traditional office, such as noise, discomfort, and lack of privacy. 

Warm and Lush

common area

Igniting the senses with color and texture helps reduce daily stressors. In turn, it communicates that employers value the well-being of their employees.

Green Architecture 


The trend of incorporating biophilia into office design grows in popularity each year. Blossoming trends are creating a natural incubator for ideas and innovation.

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These emerging styles reflect a shift in values towards more fulfilling experiences in the workplace. The office can provide unexpected comforts and amenities that work-from-home doesn’t. Employees that capitalize on them through strategic design may find greater employee engagement and loyalty, even as the landscape continues to change. 

Make your workplace a destination in 2023 and beyond with Ambius. 

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