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Unlock the design potential of your space with living green walls from Ambius

Ambius is here to help you prepare for the return to the workplace

As you prepare spaces for re-entry and reimagine designs for the future, Ambius designers have established interim and long-term solutions that can bring your social distancing visions to life.

Inside the guide you will find: 

  • Benefits of nature in your space 
  • Versatile, flexible designs for dynamic spaces
  • Self-contained options - no electricity or plumbing
  • Live, replica, and moss design inspiration
  • System overviews and partition design examples
  • Ambius full-service approach
Green wall in New York City
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Vertical gardens, green wall dividers, moss wall partitions, and living artwork are design solutions that can maximize the human and design potential of your space. With award-winning installations worldwide, Ambius knows how to bring your visions to life. 

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