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Living floral and blooming program

Ambius can provide your business with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind living floral arrangements. Our local offices throughout North America deliver lush arrangements of live flowers and plants that bring interiors to life. Sign up for a rotational living floral program so that your fresh flower displays are always changing, always bright and always providing your interior with natural beauty. 

There are numerous benefits to having plants on display in your business. Flowers brighten up the space and provide numerous mental and physical health benefits. The sight of an artfully designed plant display shows customers, employees and visitors of all types that they are in a place of refinement and positivity.

Office flower delivery

Office flowers add color and life to interiors. Ambius can work with your space, studying the light and other factors, to determine which flowers will look the best with the decor you already have. 

We will create beautiful arrangements that will combine flowers and live plants and will add just that right touch of color and light to your office. Employees and clients benefit in multiple ways from the addition of living floral to your space. Studies have shown that access to nature can increase productivity and creativity among employees. 

Our goal is to enhance your workspace and add to the decor that you already have.

Orchids and succulents

Two very popular living floral choices are orchids and succulents. Both come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes and both have light and watering requirements that make them ideal for indoor and office situations. Ambius living floral arrangements use decorative containers and combination of orchids and succulents to create dazzling arrangements. 

Orchids - among the most beautiful and popular flowers for home gardeners. Orchids have developed a reputation for being difficult to grow and maintain, but they are actually closer to succulents, which are hardier than most other flowering plants. Orchids are prized because of their vibrant colors and unique shapes. 

Succulents - very popular plants known for their thick, fleshy leaves and their hardy nature. Succulents originated from arid, desert climates which is why they tend to do well without much watering. There are several succulent species that also thrive in low light. Low maintenance plants mean you get the benefits of plants in your office without all of the work that goes into maintaining them.

Living holiday arrangements

During the holidays setting the right mood can do wonders for employees and clients. Customers want areas decorated for the holidays and our living floral services include holiday flower arrangements, as well. We include decorative containers and holiday-themed flowers such as poinsettias and Norfolk Island Pine that help spread that holiday feeling.

Call us for live plant delivery service

If your office or interior space could use a little color and sprucing up, from the plants to the container they’re in, then call in the experts at Ambius. 

Call us at 855-397-8638 or complete an inquiry form to discuss our living floral and flower delivery services.

Living floral

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