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Cambridge biotech company green wall installation in Cambridge, MA

This project included the creation of seven customized living walls for a longstanding biotech client’s office building, combining function with beauty across four floors of common space. The living wall's naturalized look and feel needed to remain intact while coming up with creative solutions to construct touch panel non-removable boxes or shelves for monitor stations with integrated bases.  Additionally, some walls had built-in furniture accommodations and required the incorporation of single non-draining troughs in intermittent areas. 

Each of the vibrant seven walls had a different design theme and purpose that demarcated each space, creating privacy with the strategic placement of encased living walls. Our team certainly rose to the challenge by creating unique, colorful, and sustainable living walls that truly combine function, form, and beauty that continue to delight year after year!

Project details

  • Client - Cambridge Biotech Client
  • Sector - Office Buildings
  • Location - Cambridge, MA
  • Project Lead - Lisa Ciccia
  • Project Team - Ambius Boston
  • District Name - Ambius Boston
  • Service - Green Wall
  • Award Category - Living Wall
  • Award Level - Gold


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