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We spend 90% of our lives in buildings which means our health and well-being are influenced significantly by the built environment. The spaces in which we interact, live, work, and play have a large impact on how people function. Ambius can help you create a more engaged workplace that improves employee morale and your bottom line. Industry and academic research show that our services not only reduce absenteeism and lift moods but can also improve building air quality and temperature and help control noise. 

Businesses need employees who come to work energized, ready to create, and deliver a meaningful impact. Ambius is here to help you create a space that inspires your employees to do just that.

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The importance of biophilic design in the workplace

Humans have an innate desire to be connected with nature, and yet, most of us do not work in nature. Instead, we find ourselves in bland, stuffy offices that are both ineffective and uninspiring. Incorporating biophilic design into the workplace can change that.

Our research found that the average office worker spends 47 minutes outdoors during the workday, which is less than the amount of time required for prisoners. Consequently, it is important that workers maintain a connection to nature, despite spending a great deal of time indoors. This is where biophilic design comes into play.

Creating smarter, healthier spaces of the future

In an Ambius survey of 3,000 North American adults, a brightly-lit, biophilic design is what 45% of respondents chose when presented with 4 options for their ideal workspace. But that's not all they are looking for… 

Fighting employee burnout and winning the war for talent are at the top of most companies' agendas this year. According to our survey results, the key to winning may lie in workspace design.

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Ambius conducted a study of 1,000 office workers to gain valuable insights about their time spent in offices.


This survey revealed that almost 50% of US workers have taken a day off because their office's air quality made them ill.


As we consider returning to workplaces post-pandemic, what do your employees expect?