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Westin Brier Creek moss panel installation in Raleigh, NC

Westin Hotel Brier Creek requested five stunning moss panels expertly embedded within an exquisitely crafted wooden millwork divider. Each panel ranged from five to seven feet wide, three to four feet tall, and no more than three inches deep, and needed meticulous attention to detail to flow together perfectly. The five unique moss walls were to be the featured attraction in the hotel's main lobby. This moss wall was destined to be a statement piece and needed to be designed to captivate and leave an indelible impression on every guest and visitor. 

Driven by our commitment to excellence, we collaborated comprehensively with the millwork contractor to ensure flawless results. We understood that success hinged on every detail seamlessly integrating with the millwork and lighting. Every aspect had to be meticulously coordinated to ensure that the moss panels not only enhanced the visual appeal of the space but also harmonized with the overall design ethos of the hotel.

This meticulous attention to detail and harmonious collaboration with the millwork contractor allowed us to transform the client's vision into a reality that exceeded expectations. The result is a moss wall decor that not only impresses but also elevates the space's ambiance, ensuring that every guest and visitor is greeted with a sense of awe and wonder upon entering.

Project details

  • Client - Westin Hotel Brier Creek
  • Sector - Hospitality
  • Location - Raleigh, NC
  • Project Lead - Debora Marks
  • Project Team - Ambius Raleigh
  • District Name - Ambius Raleigh
  • Service - Green Wall
  • Award Category - Moss Wall
  • Award Level - Gold


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