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Design services in hospitality

Deliver an unrivaled guest experience

From check-in to check-out, hotels should be providing their guests with a positive, memorable experience. The hospitality industry is a crowded one, so to stand out amongst a sea of competitors, there must be a differentiator that brings guests back again and again. Ambius understands the challenges you face in delivering a memorable and unique guest experience. We have the know-how to tailor each and every solution to your individual circumstance to maximize impact, reflect your brand values, and ensure you receive positive reviews and guest feedback. 

We deliver design-led functional interiors that enhance brand image and have an impact on customers, guests, and visitors to help drive brand loyalty and spend. We create a welcoming experience for our guests and visitors, resulting in more repeat business and longer stays.

Demonstrate to both your guests and your staff that they are important to you by tapping into the power of smarter, healthier spaces. 

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Benefits of working with Ambius

  • Deliver welcoming environments your guests won't forget
  • Multi-sensory designs can influence guest behavior and brand loyalty
  • Establish deeper emotional connections with guests with multi-sensory designs
  • Grow occupancy rates with patented green wall technologies
  • Create odor-free environments with odor-remediation solutions

Improving the guest experience with biophilic design

When guests first arrive, they are generally tired and possibly even frustrated after a day of travel. Being met with nature-inspired design upon arrival can act as a stress reliever, putting their minds and bodies at ease. What’s more, these travelers are willing to pay extra for wellness-inspired amenities. For example, rooms that overlook natural elements such as oceans or lakes are generally priced 18-20% higher than those that don’t. Hotel guests are no longer just looking for a bed to sleep in; they want an experience.

Creating an amazing outdoor space

From lush rooftop bars to tranquil patios and expansive lawns, nature-inspired design elements help foster social connections and well-being indoors and out. Incorporating biophilic design throughout your entire property can create a refreshing and relaxing environment for your guests.

See our work in the hospitality sector

Ambius is a certified specifier, designer, installer, and service provider for several types of living green walls. 


Our National Accounts team provides a centralized resource  for businesses with multiple locations in North America.

Ambius provides breathtaking designs to elevate your patrons’ dining experience.