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Trend Micro | Dallas

Trend Micro is a multinational network security software company with an office in Dallas, Texas. The company reached out to Ambius' project development team about the installation of a large living green wall for one of the main hallways in their office. Ambius designed a wall specified to the client's needs, and presented it to the client. Once approved, the team began the installation process and brought in the truckloads of plants necessary for the large wall. The wall extends the entire length of the hallway and greets employees and guests as they walk through the building.

Project details

  • Client - Trend Micro
  • Sector - Office
  • Location - Dallas, TX
  • Project Lead - Ambius Project Team Architect
  • Project Team - Ambius Project Development Team
  • District Name - Ambius Portland
  • Service - Green Walls
  • Solution - Interior Area

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