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Obayashi biophilic office design in Foster City, CA

Biophilia is such a keyword for this installation. Embracing all of the elements of biophilic design stands as the quintessential cornerstone. Our project for Obayashi began with months of video conferences, working closely with architects and owners with the mission to bring in elements of nature and turn a common office space into a crisp, clean, and inviting workplace, where natural elements such as wood, curved walls, color, and of course plants were all a part of the initial design.

This journey transpired through the meticulous infusion of plants complementing each component, from the organic elements and wood's warm and earthly embrace to the elegance of the curvilinear architecture and a vibrant kaleidoscope of color palettes. Various planters in different shapes, colors, and sizes mimic nature. Plants with texture and assorted color prevents repetition and keeps your eyes moving and your imagination expanding. 

Frames for all three green walls were created overseas by artisans using raw, unfinished wood. Communication was crucial to get the correct depth, width, and length to fit the plants properly and not disrupt the clean lines. Nature is not perfect, nor was the wall, so by using slight spacing and additional moss, you would never know it wasn’t perfect from the start.

Each element is integrated into the foundational blueprint of a workspace that is inviting, and the natural world envelops the core of its design.

Project details

  • Client - Obayashi
  • Sector - Office Buildings 
  • Location - Foster City, CA 
  • Project Lead - Laura Burns
  • Project Team - Ambius Hayward Install team
  • District Name - Ambius San Francisco
  • Service - Interior Landscaping
  • Award Category - Design
  • Award Level - Gold


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