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Gusto | San Francisco, California

With the tagline "We're making work meaningful for everyone, everywhere," human resources company Gusto understands the importance of workplace wellness. When Gusto moved its headquarters into an old ironworks building, the company brought in elite sensory designer Laura Burns-Lambert to soften the industrial feel. Originally founded in a home, today Gusto has a "no shoes" policy and cozy home-like spaces – so the design called for out-of-the-box thinking. Throughout the multi-story space, Laura brought together a variety of textures and types of containers and plants. Utilizing the building's exposed beams, she added a makeshift plant divider wall. With groupings of potted arrangements, tall plants, and hanging plants in hand-crafted containers, she was able to elevate the living room feel of this contemporary company and maximize the health benefits of having plants in the space - bringing Gusto’s vision to life.

Project details

  • Client - Gusto
  • Sector - Offices
  • Location - San Francisco, CA
  • Project Lead - Laura Burns-Lambert
  • Project Team - San Francisco Installation Team
  • District Name - Ambius San Francisco
  • Service - Interior Landscaping
  • Solution - Office spaces
  • Awards - Gold – International Plantscape Award, 2019

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