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Tech campus interior landscaping redesign in Cambridge, MA

Our client entrusted the team at Ambius Boston to deliver an amazing design for their beautiful redesign renovation building. The client had completely gutted the space, and the end product was a refreshing modern updo. 

The team had many built-in planters to install a variety of plant species at the request of the client. The challenge we faced was to work around the lighting that was installed in each planter bed to illuminate the area. There were planters on every floor – next to seating areas, under stairs, and along corridors to add to the decor of the building – and each planter had its own unique set of plants to accent the area it was in.

Not only did this project have a vast amount of green plants, it also had a fair amount of replicas. Lemon trees in the custom tables or grass on the ledge above. Vines hanging from shelves on some floors. The landscape had one always on the lookout for what exciting thing they would find around the next corner. 

Once the grand reopening occurred, the wait was over. The brand-new vision that the company described was achieved. In the end, the compliments of the returning employees made this whole project a complete success. Our team is still working with this tech company to bring more of their projects to life. 

Project details

  • Client - Confidential Tech Client
  • Sector - Office Buildings
  • Location - Cambridge, MA
  • Project Lead - Shannon Swanson
  • Project Team - Ambius Boston
  • District Name - Ambius Boston
  • Service - Interior Landscaping
  • Award Category - Major Renovation
  • Award Level - Gold


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