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Moxie's rock garden installation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Unique and inspirational design opportunities can be created in the most unexpected places. When visiting Moxies, a new hip and trendy restaurant and bar, customers will catch glimpses of green in every direction. 

A hidden treasure rock garden can be seen in between the slats of white-washed wood in the open staircase or while staring past the marble and glass floor-to-ceiling wine wall and most directly from the coveted tables along the back wall of leather booths. 

When walking into the restaurant, the first thing you see is the immense glass wine wall. As you step closer and peer through it, you’ll see an unexpected plant garden hiding behind it. The replica rock garden showcases soft blueish-green agaves, clusters of aloe, staggering heights of yuccas in burgundies or yellow and greens, and a center statement of euphorbia trigona among a bed of sparkly white granite. 

Seeing this replica rock garden come together was truly exciting. It brought a WOW factor to an area that could have easily been passed over. The client was so impressed with the outcome it led to a huge project for additional interior replicas and interior and exterior live plants. This project was a testament of how to make every space count when you embrace biophilic design.

Project details

  • Client - Moxies Restaurant & Bar
  • Sector - Hospitality
  • Location - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Project Lead - Erin Barylski
  • Project Team - Ambius Fort Lauderdale
  • District Name - Ambius Fort Lauderdale / Miami
  • Service - Interior Landscaping
  • Award Category - Silk, Replica, & Preserved
  • Award Level - Gold


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