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Design services for restaurants and bars

In the restaurant industry, customer experience is everything. In order to succeed, you must strive to delight your customers with every interaction. The competition in this industry is steep, but providing top-notch, memorable experiences to your patrons can help you stand out from the crowd. When you partner with Ambius, our teams will get to know your business and make insightful recommendations to help you meet your goals, providing a level of care unmatched in the industry.

There are many benefits of utilizing our services to enhance your restaurant or bar. One obvious benefit of adding interior plants or green walls in your space is the improvement in ambiance. But in addition to the atmospheric advantage, in the age of social media, a branded green wall can easily act as a marketing tool. When customers pose near it or simply capture it in the background of a picture or video depicting their dining experience, your establishment inherently receives the advertising benefit.

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Services for the restaurant industry

Draw attention and gracefully harmonize with your indoor atmosphere by installing a green wall.

In areas where people (especially children) are constantly walking by, live plants can easily get bumped, knocked over, or damaged. 

Make a lasting impression on your patrons before they even walk through the door.

In environments like restaurants and bars, the exchange of air is inevitable. Put the health and safety of your patrons first with air purification.

Holiday decor for the restaurant industry

For many, the holidays are a nostalgic time when people reflect on the memories of past holiday seasons. For that reason, holiday decor helps transport them back to a simpler time full of celebration and tradition. In the case of restaurants and bars, it can help build customer loyalty and brand reputation by enhancing an overall sense of community and goodwill. 

Most of all, decorating for the holidays shows your customers that you are willing to invest time and effort into creating a memorable experience for them. Transform your business into a holiday destination with Ambius.

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Ambius is a certified specifier, designer, installer, and service provider for several types of living green walls. 


Our National Accounts team provides a centralized resource  for businesses with multiple locations in North America.

Enrich your space and influence great experiences with ambient scenting.