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Silk, replica, and preserved plants

Artistry that never fades

Reap the benefits of plants even when your environment isn’t ideal for living plants. Our lush Silk, Replica, and Preserved Plant Programs are inspired by nature to promote wellness and spark creativity. Replica green walls can introduce nature and increase brand ambiance in hard-to-reach areas, spaces with limited natural light, or those not conducive to natural plant growth. These high-quality, expertly crafted plants are an excellent choice to create a visually striking — yet low maintenance — indoor ambiance. For peace of mind, replica plants from Ambius are inherently fire retardant with an enhanced safety profile designed to withstand many conditions.

Ideal environments for Silk, Replica, and Preserved Plant Programs

Spaces with inadequate light

Without appropriate lighting conditions, live plants may struggle to grow.

High-traffic areas

In areas where people (especially children) are constantly walking by, live plants can easily get bumped, knocked over, or damaged.

Places with inconsistent or incompatible temperatures for growth

By nature, some spaces just don’t have temperatures that are conducive to live plant growth.

Out-of-reach places

Do you have the perfect spot for a plant but it’s hard to reach, even by ladder? Try a a plant that requires very little maintenance.

Moss walls

Moss walls have a long life, requiring minimal maintenance and no natural light — a great solution for darker spaces.

With Ambius biophilic design services, we can change the way we work, live, and operate within the built environment.

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