The 2023 holiday season is just around the corner! To help you get ready for the festivities, we've gathered the five most captivating holiday design trends of the year. Each trend is distinctive and full of captivating beauty – there’s a design style for everyone.

For a more in-depth description of each holiday design, check out our 2023 Holiday Trends Guide.

1. Organic Modern

Organic Modern invites the beauty and simplicity of nature into holiday decor. Inspired by Earth's elements, it features pine, fir branches, and eucalyptus, along with pinecones, moss, and natural textures. Complemented by glistening crystals and muted metallic tones, this trend creates a magical and elegant holiday atmosphere.

Organic modern design Holiday Tree

2. Royalty 

The Royalty holiday trend for 2023 is a rich and regal choice that delves into the history of luxury and nobility. It celebrates the color purple in all its shades and incorporates materials like crystal, lace, jewels, and velvet to create a luxurious holiday atmosphere.

Holiday tree in a royal design

3. Forest Moss

Embrace tranquility and the timeless allure of the forest with Forest Moss, the third holiday trend for 2023. It offers diverse, nature-inspired ornaments and deep green, warm bronze, and soft ivory colors to create a nostalgic, old-world ambiance for a more mindful and joyful holiday season.

Holiday tree with a forest moss design

4. Woodsy

Adopt the rustic and comforting vibes of the Woodsy holiday trend, which transports you to a peaceful mountain retreat. This style features lush garlands, delicate lights, soothing burnt tones, and traditional holiday symbols like citrus, pine, and cinnamon sticks.

Holiday tree with a woodsy design

5. Vintage Shine

Get ready to host festive gatherings with a twist through the Vintage Shine holiday trend. This trend combines classic traditions with vibrant colors, creative shapes, and a joyful spirit. Imagine bold, shiny ornaments, jeweled snowflakes, all brought to life with the sweet scent of Ambrosia.

Holiday tree with a vintage shine design

To bring your vision to life and create a holiday wonderland in your space, look no further than Ambius. Our expert designers are here to help you achieve the perfect decor this season.

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