The Pachira aquatica or the money tree is a tropical tree that is native to Central and South America, where it naturally grows in swamps. The name “money tree” is rumored to have originated from when a poor man prayed for money and he found the Pachira aquatica, took it home and began to make money by selling the seeds of the plant. So, unfortunately, you won’t strike gold by adding this attractive indoor plant species to your desk.

Although money may not actually grow out of this tree, many cultures regard it as a plant that brings good luck and harmony both in your life and in your home. One such example is the art of Feng Shui, in which you are supposed to place the money plant in the southeast corner of your house because that corner is to be ruled by greenery and wood. The leaves of the plant evoke coins, which are used to inspire your task to live in profusion.

The money tree certainly is not a guaranteed method of solving financial problems in your life but rather a way to make you feel calm and bountiful in spirit. The money plant can live prosperously in your home for decades with care and attention, which pays back in dividends. In addition to the money plant creating harmony in your life, it is possible to pass your wealth along to family or friends by giving the cuttings to them as gifts.

As one of the most common indoor potted tree plants, the money tree is usually marketed as one of the plants inside the Pachira genus, which also contains the Pachira glabra another popular plant that is also synonymous with the money tree plant. The difference between the Pachira aquatica and the Pachira glabra is easily recognizable by examining both the flower and the fruit. On the Pachira glabra, the flower has creamy-white stamens with a fruit that has a smooth green surface, while the Pachira aquatica has flowers that have red stamens and the fruit has a brown rough texture.

Although the money tree plant is good luck and calming, it will only do those things for you if it is alive, so there are a few tips that are necessary for caring for the plant. First of all, when you are planting the money tree you should use rich soil and in a pot with good drainage. They should be planted in areas with limited or minimal amounts of sunlight. Money tree plants should be watered every 7 to 10 days, to ensure that the deeper soil remains moist. Fertilizer should be administered once every 3 months with a timed-release fertilizer so that your plant will continue to get the food it needs.

So, whether it is in your home or in your business, a money tree plant is a great way to keep both your employees as well as your customers relaxed. Feeling great in your indoor environment leads to an increase in an office. Additionally,  beautifying your retail space with plants can encourage shoppers to spend more time shopping in your store – the next best thing to a tree that grows money!