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Office plants and trees

Breathe new life into dreary conference rooms, lighten the mood in reception areas, and brighten lonely desk spaces with the best office plants. From cacti to canes, plants can enhance any space in your office while invigorating customers, clients, and visitors. Beautify your building and improve workplace efficiency and employee morale with our help.

Office plant service and maintenance

Keeping plants looking their best requires deft skill and proven experience. Our Specialists are office plant service experts who will take full ownership of the livelihood of your indoor plantscape. Each one has been trained to properly water, prune, feed, clean and dust your plants. 

Rest assured that your plants will look healthy, vibrant and beautiful all day, every day. We pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that our customers and employees can enjoy the many benefits office plants provide.

Desk plants

The addition of desk plants is a simple yet highly impactful way to add life to an office environment. The good news is that most desk plants can come in small sizes and are very low maintenance.

But even the low-maintenance varieties still require care. Luckily, Ambius makes it easy. Your dedicated expert will make regular visits to ensure that all plants are properly watered, cleaned, and pruned. In the changing work environment, it is not uncommon for colleagues to share workspaces, coming into the office for only a portion of the week. In that case, a service agreement with Ambius is the perfect solution. Even if your employees aren’t at the office on a regular basis, we will be — always looking out for your plants.

Office trees

Imagine a large tree next to a winding staircase in a corporate lobby. The impact is immediate. In the workplace, office trees offer needed color and life to an often dull expanse of space — a momentary escape for building inhabitants who spend most of their waking lives indoors, shut off from nature.

There are environmental benefits of trees in offices as well. Trees help moderate the climate while improving air quality. Their leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates while giving off oxygen. Additionally, trees can be used to reduce background noise through absorption, diffraction and reflection

Benefits of office plants

Visual aesthetics

It’s no secret that plants are pleasing to the eye. The right office plant design offers both customers and colleagues alike an enhanced perception of your space and brand. Plants also offer a visually-meditative experience that leads to happier and healthier employees.

Noise reduction

Office plants can reduce noise levels by reducing reverberation time. Placing them in areas with hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, concrete and marble walls, will allow them to effectively absorb noises that can be distracting and hurt employee productivity.


Employee well-being and performance

Studies have shown that having office plants present in a workplace reduced absenteeism among employees while increasing productivity and creativity. They’ve also indicated that plants can reduce stress levels and even contribute to lower blood pressure levels.

Air purification

Modern office buildings, with predominantly sealed air, can contain up to ten times more pollutants than outside air. Office plants provide oxygen into an environment and scrub toxins from the air. They also help to stabilize humidity levels.

 The value of professional indoor plant maintenance

The ongoing care of office plants is a complicated and time-consuming task to undertake for most - but not for the plant care specialists at Ambius. We will maintain healthy balances for all of your plants while you merely savor the warmth and beauty of your new natural workspace. Ambius is your go-to indoor office plant service specialist.

If you need help deciding what best suits your needs, simply fill out our form and we will promptly get back to you. If you have any other questions regarding office plant service or maintenance, give us a call at 800-581-9946

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This survey revealed that almost 50% of US workers have taken a day off because their office's air quality made them ill.

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