We’ve reached the end of the week and it is FINALLY time to reveal the complete list of 50 Ways to Green Your Business.

If you missed the 5 tips we released throughout the week, here’s a quick recap.


Check your print settings.

  • Use draft quality settings
  • Print double-sided.
  • Decrease page margins

Minimize the use of turf grass, which can be a water hog.


Provide staff members with their own reusable water bottles to reduce disposable cup usage – consider earth-friendly materials instead of plastic.


Provide a potted plant or succulent for each staff member’s desk.
(HINT: Ambius can help with this. Learn more about office plants here!)


Go right: Eliminating left turns from its routes in 2007, UPS reduced CO2 emissions by 32,000 metric tons and saved 3 million gallons of gas.

The “50 Ways to Green Your Business” Checklist

Employing green practices is not just something we should do around Earth Day. In order to prepare for a better tomorrow, we have to start today and keep it going 365 days a year.

Our complete list of ways to green your business includes actions that span all sides of operations, such as:

  • Energy Savings
  • Landscaping
  • Use of Indoor Plants
  • Office Supplies, Printing, and Paper Usage
  • Trash and Waste
  • Indoor Water Use
  • Fleet Management
  • Business Partnerships
  • Staff Programs

There are some things you can do today, such as reducing your page margins before printing. There are also some things that may take a bit more planning, such as installing door sweeps on the doors of your building. Nonetheless, each item on the list is important! Check it out to see what items you may already employ and which ones you could put into action in the near future.

Green Your Business with Ambius

As a company, Ambius understands the importance of green practices. We strive to work toward a more sustainable future every day through all of the services we offer. To learn more about how Ambius can help green your business, contact us today.