At Ambius, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to creating memorable and inviting spaces for commercial businesses. That's why we're thrilled to unveil the top holiday design trends for 2024! From vibrant floral wonders to understated extravagance, each trend offers a unique opportunity to elevate any space and captivate your audience.

For a more in-depth description of each holiday design, check out our 2024 Holiday Trends Guide.

1. New Beginnings 

Experience a holiday world bursting with vibrant colors and infectious joy, where every detail exudes nostalgia and warmth. Tinsel adorns every surface, accompanied by delicate ornaments and the comforting aroma of mulled spice.

Holiday tree in a New beginnings design

2. Organic Winter Landscape 

Step into a winter oasis where tranquility and sophistication merge seamlessly amidst a harmonious blend of soft greens, blues, and crisp whites. Cozy lighting and natural decorations like moss skirts and pine cone ornaments create a peaceful, festive atmosphere.

Holiday tree in a organic winter design

3. Reflections 

Indulge in understated extravagance with a captivating palette of soft pink, rose, copper, and gold, complemented by pearl garland and blooming peonies. Lavish decorations cascade from tree branches while sparkling ornaments invite you to celebrate the holiday season.

Holiday tree in reflections design

4. Weekend

This holiday design provides a casual and inviting atmosphere, focusing on bringing the outdoors in through various greenery and natural decorations. With a color palette from green hues to matte bronze, this design integrates elements like pine cones and Magnolia leaves to create a calm holiday setting.

Holiday tree with a "weekend" design

5. Floral Fields 

This holiday design offers a vibrant and non-traditional approach to seasonal decor, blending floral wonders with classic holiday elements. Inspired by wildflower meadows, it features abundant dried and preserved flowers, complemented by traditional accents such as pine cones and glass baubles

Floral fields holiday design

At Ambius, we're here to turn your holiday dreams into a reality and transform your space into a festive wonderland. With our team of expert designers by your side, creating the perfect holiday decor has never been easier.

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