Blooming and floral design

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Indoor blooming plants

There are many reasons to add potted flowers and indoor flowering plants to your space. They add beauty to any office or building which can be good for customers and clients or employees. Cheerful spaces alive with colorful blooming plants are more productive and create a better atmosphere for selling, working and creating.

At Ambius we have been providing indoor blooming plants to companies for years. We can create custom potted flower displays for tabletops, desks, filing cabinets and other spaces around your office. Our plant delivery includes the right pots and containers, the types of indoor plants that will work best with your decor and style, and anything else you'll need to have bright, decorative indoor flowers for your space.

A variety of indoor flowers

We use a variety of indoor flowers such as bromeliads, orchids, mums and seasonal poinsettias. We'll work with you to find the right kind of flowering plants that complement and enhance your offices. Our indoor plant services include maintenance, watering and rotation of the flowering plants so that you get a consistent and constant array of colors.

Check out our catalog of indoor blooming plants, flowering plants and potted plants and if you want to discuss what we can do for your space, set up an appointment today by calling 800-581-9946 or use our online form.

Winter blooming plants

You may think of springtime when you think of blooming plants, but blooming plants can also be used during the winter. This could provide a great visual enhancement for your space when it is gray outside. Bromeliads can be used anytime during the year but may help offer an extra pop of color when the weather becomes dreary. Cyclamen is also a good option for wintertime, in particular when Valentine’s Day draws near.

Ambius can help you find a blooming plant that complements the look of your property in winter and livens up the built environment. Contact us to learn more.

Fall blooming plants

In certain geographic areas, leaves fall during autumn and the weather starts getting colder, but fall blooming plants can give your premises a good aesthetic boost. Chrysanthemums are a great option for the fall and can help welcome visitors to your property. At Ambius, we know how to take care of mums so they look their best and help your space stand out during autumn.

Indoor blooming plant experts

Ambius is the expert on blooming plant care. Call us at 800-581-9946 or contact us online for more details about how blooming plants could fit into your space.