In an era where work and travel often go hand in hand, creating environments that foster well-being, productivity, and creativity has become a top priority. Biophilic design, an idea that incorporates natural elements into man-made spaces, is becoming the future of hotel and office design. This design approach seeks to create environments that emulate the beauty and tranquility of the natural world within the built environment. When accomplished, it has the ability to provide psychological and physical wellness benefits to those occupying the space.

Ambius designers can work with you to reimagine your space, creating a visually appealing environment that enhances productivity and mental well-being. In this short video, our experts explain the captivating world of biophilic design and how we can transform your hotel or office space into a natural oasis.


The importance of biophilic design

As the video conveys, biophilic design is about incorporating natural elements into our man-made environments. Biophilia, a concept rooted in our inherent connection to nature, is the inspiration behind this philosophy. Janice Nath, an Elite Ambiance Expert for Ambius, says, “Biophilia is people’s desire to be among nature. People are happier, more creative, more productive when surrounded by the signs, sounds, textures, and scents found in nature.”

As our lives become increasingly centered around urban living and technology, we are experiencing a disconnect from the natural world. Biophilic design seeks to address this disconnect by bringing elements of nature into our daily lives. It has been shown to have numerous benefits, including improved mental health, increased productivity, and enhanced creativity. For hotels and office spaces, biophilic design can help promote exceptional experiences for travelers and workers alike. 

Biophilic design potted tress in building lobby

Hotels: biophilic design creates a home away from home

For frequent travelers, hotels are often a second home. Biophilic design in hotels aims to make guests feel more connected to nature while keeping them relaxed and comfortable. Imagine checking into a hotel with a lush green wall in the lobby, a courtyard garden filled with native plants, and rooms flooded with natural light and scenic views. “Having something like plants grouped around the computer where you sign in or perhaps there’s a scent wafting through the air that kind of brings you to that, like ah, ‘I’m here, and I feel welcome,’” says Laura Burns, Elite Sensory Designer for Ambius. Natural elements like these can enhance the overall guest experience while reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Biophilic green wall behind reception desk

Offices: biophilic design boosts productivity and well-being

Office design is always evolving, and more employers are beginning to embrace the idea of flexible work arrangements. Why? Biophilic design in offices helps create environments that inspire creativity, increase productivity, and lower an employee’s risk for Sick Building Syndrome. 

“Bringing some of that outdoors inside really helps the work environment, helps people relax, and just feel at ease," Nath shared. "Because we spend most of our time indoors, yet we want to be outdoors.” Incorporating elements like a green wall, natural materials like wood and stone, and large windows with outdoor views can transform an ordinary office into a vibrant and inviting workspace. 

Biophilic design office space

Ambius is your biophilic interior design partner

Biophilic design is more than just a trend; it’s a thoughtful approach to designing spaces that nurture both our productivity and our mental and physical well-being. Our team of expert designers understands the science behind biophilia and knows how to integrate natural elements seamlessly into any space.

Your Ambius designer can implement biophilic design into your space today. Whether you're a hotel owner looking to revamp your guest experience or a facility manager seeking to create a more appealing workspace, Ambius can help you achieve your goals. Contact us to speak to one of our local design specialists. We're here to bring your vision to life.