Charlee Storner

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Charlee Storner: Holiday stylist

We're delighted to introduce you to our Holiday Stylist and Holiday design expert Charlee Storner. Charlee is a renowned holiday and plantscape designer who specializes in the St. Louis market. She has been with Ambius for over twenty years.

Charlee believes the environmental and human benefits of incorporating plants, holiday design, and corporate art into the workplace are beyond dispute. She enjoys turning her client’s dreams into reality by transforming spaces into fun and festive atmospheres. Take a look at the full portfolio within these pages to see all of Charlee’s inspiring work!

Award winning projects

Click on the links below to find out the details about the award-winning projects that Charlee has done for clients. To find out more about what she had done to improve workspaces and create amazing displays, just click on the links below.

Customer testimonials

“I was particularly impressed with Charlee's (and Ambius') embracing of sustainable business practices, quite unique to see among peers in her industry. Both Charlee and Ambius have demonstrated they are the industry leaders in their field and have helped us put yet another service on the cutting edge of sustainability.”  

- Chris Laughman, Graybar