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Our Elite designers

Charlee Storner

Holiday Designer

A world without plants would be a bleak and austere world for St. Louis-based design consultant, Charlee Storner. Charlee sees “plantings as ‘living art’” and her passion is to “create living art that touches the soul, lifts the spirit and improves the quality of life.”

Chris Karl

Design Specialist

“It is a satisfying challenge to create an environment in which all five senses are touched,” says Chris. “Every environment is a soundtrack to our lives and it is my joy to have a hand in creating atmospheres where people are stimulated and thrive.”

Janice Nath

Design Consultant

“My passion is creating interior spaces that enhance the workplace and inspire the imagination while meeting my clients’ unique vision and distinctive personality,” says San Diego-based Janice Nath.

JOanne Craft

Ambient Designer

“The power of positivity is powerful and can help transform someone’s day,” says Vancouver-based Craft. “I love people, and it’s the people aspect of my job that drives me to be at my best each and every day to ensure that we exceed our customer’s expectations.”

Jon LaDow

Urban Embellishment Designer

“Creating curb appeal with contrasting, non-repeating floral colors that artfully represent the client is what I continually strive for with my clients,” says Jon, whose extensive client portfolio represents the retail, hospitality and commercial sectors.

Laura Burns-Lambert

Sensory Designer

“I find great joy in the creative process, problem-solving and in delivering the end result,” says Laura. “It is a great reward to stand back and admire the work that you and your team have done, and to see that you’ve made a real difference.”

Roel Ventura

Ambient Designer

“Working closely in partnership with my clients and with other designers of different disciplines and practices is very rewarding. I enjoy people and the stories they share about themselves and I believe these personal stories truly inspire designs."

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