Chris Karl

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Chris Karl: Design specialist

We're delighted to introduce you to Chris Karl, a design specialist who creates custom floral displays, interior landscaping design, and commercial holiday décor for the Southern California area. Chris has been a vital member of the Ambius team since 1995 and has worn a variety of hats including Horticultural Technician, Service Supervisor, Concierge and now, Elite Designer — his favorite role.

“It is a satisfying challenge to create an environment in which all five senses are touched,” says Chris. “Every environment is a soundtrack to our lives and it is my joy to have a hand in creating atmospheres where people are stimulated and thrive.”

Chris Karl brings an inspired, sun-soaked energy to his designs. With a keen eye for detail and high volume creativity, Chris brings his Golden State-infused design roots to every project he takes part in. “As a native Southern Californian who has traveled extensively, I understand the role our local culture plays in shaping the styles that affect the rest of the world. In California we live indoors and outdoors— many workplaces incorporate the exterior in their interior environment,” says Chris.

With a B.A. and Master's Degree in Fine Arts from California State University in Long Beach, Chris designs and implements interior projects with a high level of trained confidence. He was recognized with an Award of Excellence from the Plantscape Industry Alliance (PIA) for his horticultural work in the Beckman Coulter lobby in Orange County, California. The Montage Resort-Laguna Beach, UCI Medical Center and South Coast Plaza, the most profitable retail center in the United States, are just a few other examples of Chris’s outstanding work.

When not designing, Chris can be found biking with his family or sweating inside a Bikram Yoga studio. Both of these activities play a large role in Chris’s ability to sense and design environments that feel real and sensational. Chris believes every environment is a soundtrack to our lives and it is his joy to have a hand in creating atmospheres where people are stimulated and thrive. His goal as a designer is to create spaces that inspire imagination and spark inspiration. See some of his award-winning designs below!