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What are vertical gardens?

A vertical garden is a vertically suspended panel on which plants are grown using hydroponics. These unique structures can either be freestanding or attached to a wall and go by many different names: living green walls, plant walls and moss walls just to name a few. Whatever you want to call them, these vertical structures of plant life can be as small as a picture frame or massive enough to cover an entire wall.

Vertical gardens have been around since 1938 when Stanley Hart White, professor at the University of Illinois, developed the idea and created a patent for it. Forty years later, a French botanist named Patrick Blanc gave life to the idea of the modern green wall, specifically with a hydroponics irrigation system. Today, you can see green walls anywhere, from offices and cafes to shopping centers and hospitals.

Vertical gardens are a wonderful alternative to potted plants in the built environment. Potted plants provide flexibility in placement, but they take up space and require a great deal of maintenance. Vertical gardens take up very little, if any, floor space. And the best part is, your Ambius Specialist does all of the maintenance for you.

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Exterior vertical gardens

Exterior vertical gardens

Many buildings around the country and world have vertical gardens installed on their exteriors. These exterior walls often contain moss, vines, and other hardy plants. Though they are exposed to the elements, exterior vertical gardens have the advantage of having natural direct sunlight.

Exterior vertical gardens also give buildings great protection and insulation from temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and heavy rain. In the summer, exterior vertical gardens use a process called evapotranspiration, which helps cool the air around them. Since climates are drastically different throughout North America, our designers choose plants for exterior walls based on the area’s climate, so the greenery will be easier to maintain.

You can elevate your outdoor space even more by improving the beauty and health of your freshwater aquatic resources through our sister company, SOLitude Lake Management. With SOLitude’s sustainable solutions like beautiful shoreline plantings and adorning floating fountains, you can improve the aquatic ecosystem and aesthetics of your property’s lake or pond, creating yet another space for visitors or employees to enjoy.

Vertical succulent gardens

Succulent wall

Succulents are popular among plant enthusiasts because they are space-efficient, colorful, and very easy to maintain. Succulents are also fire-resistant and are great alternatives if you are in a region with a lot of water shortages. For these reasons, succulents make a great plant choice for vertical gardens.

Succulents are well known to have a hard and fleshy exterior which makes them great candidates for interiors. Selecting succulents makes it very easy to mold and shape any vertical garden to your needs. Succulents require less watering and other maintenance than many other plants while providing a wonderful aesthetic for any space.

Why are vertical gardens perfect for indoor spaces?

As humans, we spend a lot of time indoors. But despite that fact, we all desire a connection with nature — the guiding principle of biophilia. Studies show that people who have easy access to views of greenery or nature exhibit greater creativity and overall mental health. A green wall could be that nature connection you are looking for.

Plus, when you work with an Ambius designer, they work with you to make sure the vertical garden really stands out and fits in seamlessly with your existing decor. Would you like a vertical garden with your logo made out of live plants growing in the middle? Maybe you want to frame a television screen or directory. This is all possible with an Ambius green wall.

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Greenery in an office or any interior environment has many advantages, but the one major advantage is the way you will feel after it is installed. Time after time, many studies have shown that plants have an enormous effect on improving mood in work environments. If you want a vertical garden installed for your space, please contact Ambius today for a consultation.