Vertical garden systems (also referred to as green walls/living walls) provide an excellent indoor landscaping addition to many businesses – both indoors and outdoors. The modern structures of plant life can cover up a boring-looking white wall, creating a more vibrant appearance. Plus, when you’re near or can easily view a green wall, you feel more like you’re connected to nature.

The benefits of plants indoors have been well documented, but space limitations often cause businesses to neglect this important aspect of their interior design plans. Green walls can help with this problem among other benefits recent studies have documented.

There are multiple vertical garden systems to choose from. Depending on the system, plants can either remain in their pots or directly planted into the system. If you are considering a vertical garden system for your business, take the time to learn more about both options so you can best determine which vertical garden system is right for you.

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Containerized vertical garden systems

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Containerized green wall systems, allow plants to remain in the pots in which they have grown. These vertical garden systems are popular because they have multiple benefits:

  • It’s easier to replace plants – for example, if you would like poinsettias during the holiday season, you can remove the pots of the current plants and replace them with poinsettias.
  • It’s simple to move plants around if you’d like them to be in different positions.
  • It’s easy to replace plants if any of them receive too much or too little water because they are already in their pots.
  • If you need to change plants quickly, with minimum interruption, this type of green wall is the perfect pick because of the simplicity of changing out the pots.

Learn about our containerized green wall project at La Jolla Village Square. It garnered an International Plantscape Platinum Award.

Direct-planted vertical garden systems


For the direct-planted green wall systems, vegetation is planted into panels or cassettes in the wall. With this kind of vertical garden system, the plants tend to last for a longer period of time. This is, in part, due to the more even soil moisture and the roots’ ability to develop and expand into a new growing medium.

For these vertical garden systems, there is also the flexibility to mix plants that need more water with plants that need less water. Some of the other benefits of a direct-planted vertical garden system include:

  • Direct-planted systems are optimal often for large-scale green walls.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Direct-planted systems generally do not require as much hands-on maintenance because the evenness of the soil moisture helps cut back on grooming requirements.
  • The plants will not need to be replaced as frequently.

Find the perfect Ambius vertical garden system

Green walls for your business can provide multiple benefits, such as boosting air quality, fostering a more attractive environment and helping boost morale for employees by bringing nature indoors. They provide all of the benefits of plants but don’t take up as much horizontal space as indoor plants in containers will.

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