Indoor plants

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Indoor flowering plants

One of the things which can brighten any office is indoor office plants. Although most people think about office plants as being green living plants, flowering plants are also a welcome addition to indoor space. Flowering plants  can be planted, maintained and grown indoors and infuse a pop of color to dreary lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms and employee areas.

Indoor flowering plants need different lightning, watering and maintenance, but they can thrive in your office or workspace. An Ambius interior landscaping expert can help determine if indoor flowering plants, and which species of plants specifically, will work best for your space. We match your space to the right type of flowering plants and can mix flowers with green office plants, too.

There are numerous benefits to living plants inside offices. Ambius are your local interior landscaping experts. Your dedicated design specialist will assist you in selecting from a range of colorful planters and recommend plants that will prosper inside building. Contact Ambius today and start the conversation about indoor plants and whether or not indoor flowering plants are right.

Indoor flowers

People love flowers. Homeowners spend lots of money on flowers for their homes and patios. Gardeners take great pride in the flowers they plant in their back and front yards.

Indoor flowers are a great way to also make your office where you and your employees work, a more enjoyable place to spend time . It just takes special species of indoor flowering plants to achieve your indoor landscaping goals.

If you want to brighten an office, a lot depends on the type of light, humidity levels, and the overall environment to determine if flowers are right for your business space.

The best indoor flowering plants

Ambius has a number of species of flowering plants we use for the interior landscaping needs of your office. Some of the best indoor flowering plants we use include:

  • Bromeliads- a species of brightly colored flowering plants used for indoor decoration purposes. They are very popular during the winter months, and are also sometimes associated with Christmas. There is a wide variety of Bromeliads available and they are adaptable to a wide variety of climates, including indoors.
  • Poinsettias - probably best known as the red-leafed Christmas plants. These are also available in yellow and are generally used to brighten up office spaces during the Christmas months.
  • Kalanchoe - a genus of flowering plants numbering over 100 species. Kalanchoe comes in a wide variety of colors and are native to tropical climates and continents like Africa. They are annual and biennial and are often part of succulent gardens.
  • Chrysanthemums - a very popular indoor flowering plant for businesses and homes. They are widely known due to their unique appearance and colors. Chrysanthemums (sometimes just referred to as mums) come in bright colors, but do not have the flowery smell which can sometimes be a problem. Mums  sometimes appears as a ball, until the petals open.
  • Azaleas - a flowering shrub which are very tolerant for low light. In the wild, azaleas tend to like to grow beneath the shade of pear trees. The colorful flowers come in vibrant reds, purples, pinks and other beautiful colors. Azaleas come from Asia and are world-renowned for their beauty and tend to bloom outdoors in March and April.
  • Begonias - a very large genus of flowering plant in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Begonias have colorful leaves and bloom into colorful blooms at the top of their stems. They can appear like traditional flowers, but also tubes, canes and more. The popular flowering plants come in pinks, reds, yellows, white, and more. There is such a wide variety of begonias there are species that thrive well in shade and indoors.
  • Lilies - usually known and associated with Easter. This is a seasonal plant usually used by Ambius during the Easter months for indoor flowering plant reasons. Most traditionally, lilies are white with large blooming flowers and large petals.

Indoor flowering plant experts

Ambius designers are the experts in interior landscaping and interior plant design. Whether you are looking for an entire wall of live plants or flowering plants, or just planters around the reception area or elevator, Ambius indoor plant experts can help.

Our specialists can analyze your business needs, determine the light levels and what works best with your office. If you are interested in indoor flowering plants, we will find the best indoor flowering plants for your office.

Contact Ambius today and tell us what your indoor plant needs are.