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Jon LaDow: Urban embellishment designer

We're delighted to introduce you to Jon LaDow, an exterior plant design and commercial landscape expert who specializes in the San Francisco and Bay Area.

Jon believes companies need to make a bold, declarative statement with their exterior and interior landscaping. The images on the left are just a small sample of the diversity of Jon’s plant design. Take a look at his full portfolio within these pages to see Jon’s impressive work!

Award winning projects

For each projects, it takes a unique vision from the designer. Ambius does not do cookie-cutter designs, but creates unique interior landscapes that are custom made for each client. To view some of the amazing award-winning designs from Jon LaDow, click on the the projects listed below.

Customer testimonials

“It has been a truly fruitful relationship with Jon and Ambius, and I am extremely pleased to add plants and greenery to our space making it more aesthetically pleasing and helpful to our environment.”

- J.R. Hubbarb - Selecta Auto Body Owner