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Charlee Storner: Holiday Designer

Charlee Storner

Elite Holiday Designer

We're delighted to introduce you to our Holiday design expert, Charlee Storner. Charlee is a renowned holiday and plantscape designer and has been with Ambius for over twenty years. She works in partnership with leading design and architect firms to design award-winning retail, hospitality and corporate interiors.

The Train Shed

Lodging Hospitality Management approached Ambius St. Louis, asking for the entire ceiling of the Train Shed bar and restaurant to be covered with Christmas. Charlee used an interpretation of chandeliers to bring intimacy to the vast space. Thirty-seven decorated chandeliers hung amongst large ornaments, packages, lit evergreens, and ribbons. In addition, hundreds of plush Santas, dolls, and deer added to the whimsy and gave little surprises throughout the design.

The Train Shed was named in the Top Ten Holiday Destinations in the St. Louis area by local media outlets, leading people to stand in line to experience a memorable meal or drink in a magical space.

I was particularly impressed with Charlee's (and Ambius') embracing of sustainable business practices, quite unique to see among peers in her industry. Both Charlee and Ambius have demonstrated they are the industry leaders in their field and have helped us put yet another service on the cutting edge of sustainability.

Chris Laughman, Graybar

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