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Jon LaDow: Urban Embellishment Designer

Jon LaDow

Elite Urban Embellishment Designer

We're delighted to introduce you to Jon LaDow, an exterior plant design and commercial landscape expert who specializes in the San Francisco and Bay Area. Jon has won over a dozen industry awards in his career for work ranging from eye-catching exterior containers with foliage and flowers to interior plants and holiday fantasies.

Jon pushes the envelope with recycling and conservation. Jon utilizes the vast variety of neighboring Bay Area nurseries and makes use of environmentally-friendly soft and hardscape materials. Jon’s environmental philosophy mirrors the country’s growing mandate to use local products across sectors and supports Ambius’ overall vision to continue to Go Green.

Selecta Auto Body

Selecta Auto Body owner, J.R. Hubbarb, worked for a plantscaping company in his mid-twenties as a plant care technician. There, he became fast friends with interior landscaping designer, Jon LaDow. So when the time came to add nature’s touch to his new shop, J.R. knew Jon was the right person for the job.

Having plants in their shop was so important to the Selecta team, they earmarked a budget from the very beginning of the process for the design, installation, and upkeep of the plants. 

Now, the plants delight customers aesthetically, but they reduce noise levels inside the facility. Mounted on a big concrete wall, the plants act as a sound buffer in an environment that can be quite noisy. 

It has been a truly fruitful relationship with Jon and Ambius, and I am extremely pleased to add plants and greenery to our space making it more aesthetically pleasing and helpful to our environment.

J.R. Hubbarb, Selecta Auto Body Owner

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