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Design services for entertainment and leisure venues

You want your customers and employees to feel safe and comfortable when they're in your business – so do we. After all, they’re there to have an enjoyable experience. We can help you provide that for them.

Through people-centric design that includes plants, hygiene, and scenting solutions, Ambius designs spaces that give people the confidence they need to feel safe in your business, gather with others worry-free, help them connect emotionally with your brand, and ultimately drive brand preference and loyalty. Connect with one of our experts to talk about how to take your space to the next level.

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Services for entertainment and leisure venues

Without appropriate lighting conditions, live plants may struggle to grow.

In areas where people (especially children) are constantly walking by, live plants can easily get bumped, knocked over, or damaged.

Set a welcoming scene from the start. Whether it’s a building entrance, patio, rooftop, or property grounds, vibrant exterior elements make a positive first impression.


In high-traffic areas, there is a range of contaminants in the air at any given time — viruses, bacteria, allergens, and more can put your patrons at risk. Exceed health and safety expectations with air purification.

Holiday decor for the entertainment and leisure industry

Entertainment and leisure venues are places often marked for memory-making. Not only do holiday decorations evoke nostalgia, but they can also be instrumental in creating a festive environment in which new memories can be made. And what comes along with memories? Photos. Holiday displays make the perfect backdrop for photos, which will likely be shared on social media — free exposure! 

By instilling excitement and a sense of community, holiday decor has the tendency to encourage your customers to linger longer and more fully engage in activities, often resulting in higher spend. Enliven the spirit of the season at your facility with Ambius. 

Ambius entertainment and leisure sector projects

Ambius is a certified specifier, designer, installer, and service provider for several types of living green walls. 


Our National Accounts team provides a centralized resource  for businesses with multiple locations in North America.

Enrich your space and influence great experiences with ambient scenting.