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Boston Museum of Science | Boston

Our team designed and installed two living walls at the Charles River Exhibit of the Boston Museum of Science. The exhibit brings the Charles River into the three-story entrance space. The 30' waterfall is surrounded by living walls, a kinetic water sculpture, and water habitats for species of fish and turtles.

The Ambius Project Development team designed, coordinated, and installed two living plant walls totaling 563 square feet and nearly 3,500 plants as part of the gallery. Much coordination was needed due to factors such as high volume visitor traffic, other living exhibits, and maintenance access. All of which were reviewed over the extended design strategy sessions with the project and museum team.

Visitors now gravitate towards the living wall as part of the exhibit's hands-on interactive approach. The exhibit encourages scientific observation and engagement of man, nature, and engineering.

Project details

  • Client - Boston Museum of Science
  • Sector - Education
  • Location - Boston, MA
  • Project Lead - Ambius Project Team Architect
  • Project Team - Ambius Project Development Team
  • District Name - Ambius Boston
  • Service - Green Walls
  • Solution - Lobby
  • Awards - Gold - International Plantscape Award 2017
  • Architect/Designer Partners - The project was designed by CambridgeSeven

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