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AAR Corp. Green Walls | Wood Dale

AAR Corporation is a worldwide leader of aviation services for commercial aerospace and government/defense industries. AAR Corp. collaborated with Ambius to create an environment where employees could experience the human benefits of biophilia and well-being. With little space available within the extremely valuable commercial and industrial building, a vertical implementation was the solution. 

Situated within the heart of the world headquarter building, the segmented living wall provides AAR’s employees a biophilic relief from their technological and synthetic tasks. At over 45 feet wide and 20 feet tall, containing nearly 4,300 plants, the expansive living wall injects a breath and graphical shot of life to the entire communal break area as well as upper level presidential conference and office zones.

Project details

  • Client - AAR Corporation
  • Sector - Office
  • Location - Wood Dale, IL
  • Project Lead - Ambius Project Team Architect
  • Project Team - Ambius Chicago Installation Team, Ambius Project Development Team
  • District Name - Ambius Chicago
  • Service - Green Walls
  • Solution - Cafeteria
  • Awards - Platinum - International Plantscape Award, 2016

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