Green walls allow companies to get a lot of plants into relatively small spaces. Ambius can install indoor and outdoor green walls to really make your facility stand out. But what if you live in a colder climate? Never fear, Ambius has the solution.

Ambius is the expert in providing companies just like yours with interior landscaping and office plant solutions. One of the most outstanding services we offer is called the green wall. Green walls, or vertical gardens, allow us to transform a blank wall into one full of living floral or plants. Our green walls are a dazzling display of living plants which offer pops of color alongside the benefits of plants. These vertical gardens do all of this without taking up too much floor space.

As great as interior green walls are, did you know Ambius also does exterior green walls? That’s right, outdoor green walls that make it look like amazing plants have climbed their way up the exterior of your building. They can look a lot like this:


But what happens if you live in a climate where it gets cold for part of the year? Ambius designers take the climate and your needs into consideration to give you outdoor green walls that thrive year-round.

If you think your business could use interior landscaping or even a green wall, contact your local Ambius office today.

The green wall design process

Whenever it comes to any interior or exterior landscaping service, our designers don’t just show up with trucks filled with plants and start throwing them at the walls or around the office. Even when we aren’t designing green walls, our designers are planning. They survey the building, the space, the lighting and how best to position the plants given all of those factors. Have a space without a lot of light? We have a catalog of low-light plants that will be the perfect addition.

The same is true if the project involves creating outdoor vertical gardens. We look at the building and the space we have to work with around your office. We then work with you to create a green wall that presents the image and design you want for your exterior.

Ambius designers have access to a lot of different plant species, which means we also take into account outdoor lightning, watering and, of course, the climate. Finally, our green wall plant maintenance experts will replace plants as needed to make sure your green wall always looks its best.

Evergreen plants in green walls

There are quite a few plants that are dazzling and look great year-round. People use these plants in their home gardens when they want them to look great even in the depths of winter. When Ambius designers look at the exterior of your building, we look at which plants will provide the colors and display you want, but also which plants will survive in the climate.

Each situation is different, so exactly which outdoor evergreen plants will be used in your green wall may vary from one wall to the next. However, once we determine what you want from your outdoor green wall, we will find the right plants.


Outdoor plant wall maintenance

Ambius will not install a green wall without helping you maintain the green wall, too. Our plant experts will provide you with maintenance of your green wall, whether indoor or outdoors. Each green wall is different and our specialists will make sure plants are trimmed, pruned and maintained. Of course, some plants will die over time, but our experts will make sure these are removed and new plants installed so the wall always looks green.

If you have a specific design built into the outdoor green wall, we’ll make sure replacement plants maintain the design. Ambius wants your outdoor green wall to be the envy of other businesses in the area, so we’ll keep it looking great.

Green wall systems

Ambius offers several different green wall systems. Of course, outdoor green walls require their own unique systems which will help the plants stay fresh and watered. If you are interested in knowing which system may work best for your business, be sure to ask your Ambius designer for guidance.

When our installers arrive, they will put up the skeleton of the outdoor green wall system. Then, after we have installed the planters, we will carefully install the plants in the pattern or design you’ve discussed with your designer. A design that we will maintain all year long.

Contact Ambius for outdoor green walls

If you think the exterior of your workspace could use a change, perhaps an outdoor green wall is the solution. The first step in the entire process is to contact your local Ambius office. Our designers will discuss your needs and the vision you have for the exterior of your office.

Don’t think you’ll be left out of the exterior vertical garden party if you live in a colder climate. Contact Ambius today so we can discuss what we can do for you.