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Green wall systems

Whether you are interested in a sprawling green wall for the exterior of a building or a smaller green wall for an office lobby, Ambius will work with you to find the right green wall system for your space.

As a leading designer and installer of green walls, Ambius will recommend a system that best fits your needs. Each system offers a different set of benefits. Compare the green wall systems we offer below.

Green wall panel systems

Panel green wall systems are very popular with customers, as they are designed to be used in outdoor or indoor spaces, in any climate.

The panel system supports a diversified plan palette and is able to incorporate plants with varying watering needs. Ideal for brand statements and custom designs, panel systems use plants that are pre-grown into the panels in a nursery and installed vertically onto a framing support system. Panel systems typically consist of modular panels, boxes, or cassettes that are designed to hold a variety of growth media. This allows for fully mature, diverse, densely populated plants at installation.

These systems are also a perfect complement to environmental initiatives. Installing a panel system offers state-of-the-art irrigation system options including gray water compatibility or water re-circulation. Panel systems may help achieve LEED credits in recycled content, local manufacturing, and water-efficient landscaping.

Benefits of a panel system:

  • Helps achieve LEED and WELL certifications
  • Planted tiles are easily removed for easy access to irrigation lines
  • Very forgiving growth media
  • Supports a diversified plant palette

To speak to a Project Development professional about having a panel system installed in your space, call us at 866-513-1835, or contact us online.

Exterior green wall

Green wall tray systems

Green wall tray systems are perfect for indoor environments such as building lobbies, reception areas, and high-traffic locations. The system can cover an entire wall surface or become a framed piece of living green art.

Ideal for fast-moving organizations, tray systems do not require a period of plant pre-growth, so they can be installed with a short lead time. These versatile systems use a backing board, onto which trays are stacked to create customized wall configurations. The plants remain in their nursery pots, and are installed within the trays at a slight angle. Irrigation can be provided via holding tanks or direct plumbing.

These systems offer a great degree of versatility including modular designs, easy plant replacements, seasonality changes, and temporary installations.

Benefits of green wall tray systems:

  • Plants are easily replaceable
  • Short lead time
  • No plant pre-growth period
  • Relatively simple system, resulting in cost savings
  • Allows for plant relocation within the wall, rotating from low to high light

Versatile green wall options

Today’s dynamic spaces change frequently. If flexibility is critical to your space, Ambius experts can specify the best systems to suit your needs.

From small wall hangings to freestanding systems and divider walls, Ambius can bring privacy, aesthetics, and function into any space. These modular units come in both tray and panel systems that are self-contained and can offer options where plumbing and electricity are unavailable.

Benefits of a freestanding system:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Self-contained irrigation
  • Versatile placement options
  • Sound reduction
  • Acts as a divider in open floor plans
Versatile green wall options

Moss wall systems

For a low-maintanence green wall solution, consider the moss wall. Moss walls add dimension to your space through its textures and shades.

Benefits of moss walls:

  • No light requirement
  • Sound reduction
  • Easy maintenance
  • No regular watering needed

To explore green wall tray system options for your space, give us a call at 866-513-1835, or contact us online.

Moss walls

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