At the 2024 Tropical Plant International Expo, Ambius was presented with the 2024 Outstanding Business Philanthropy Leadership Award. 

These awards are a testament to our company’s unwavering commitment to revolutionize sensory-driven experiences that ignite happiness, and promotes sustainability, where people live, work and play. Enhancing spaces is more than just a job for our designers, it’s something we are truly passionate about at Ambius. Their passion drives our success and we could not be more proud.

Lorri MacHarg, President of Ambius

The judging panel commended Ambius for its forward-thinking designs, strategic use of greenery, and dedication to environmental sustainability. By promoting sustainable design principles, advocating for responsible sourcing of plant materials, and investing in eco-friendly technologies, Ambius strives to ensure a sustainable future for interior landscaping

Lorrie Accepting Award TPIE 2024

Our commitment to the next generation of interiorscapers

Ambius is deeply committed to local community service initiatives in each community we serve across North America and globally. Through our dedication to corporate social responsibility, we actively engage with and give back to the communities where we operate. 

This inaugural award recognizes a corporation or business who is advancing the greater good in its community. The recipient of this award shows continued dedication in creating long-term sustainability for the plantscape industry and embodies the integrity, leadership, and accomplishment that defines excellence in the field of philanthropy.

Elliott Bennett, President and Owner of I-Plants Magazine

National Horticultural Foundation

Ambius recognizes the critical importance of supporting initiatives that advance research, education, and marketing in the horticulture industry. By investing in the National Horticultural Foundation's (NHF)'s mission, we contribute to the growth and development of the industry and ensure its long-term sustainability. By supporting the NHF, we are investing in the future of the nursery and landscape sectors and issues related to a changing horticulture industry. We’re not only supporting the NHF but the dreams of students pursuing careers in horticulture-related fields, helping to develop our future industry leaders. 

National Collegiate Interior Landscape Design Contest

At Ambius, we believe in nurturing and empowering the next generation of interiorscapers and designers. By sponsoring the National Collegiate Interior Landscape Design Contest, we are investing in the future talent of our industry and providing students with a platform to showcase their creativity and skills. 

As a company committed to innovation and excellence, we understand the importance of supporting educational initiatives that foster growth and development. By participating in events like this contest, we can help inspire young designers and contribute to the overall advancement of the interiorscaping profession. 

Investing in our industry 

This year, we made our largest-ever donation to help support industry growth and strengthen our partnership with the horticultural community. This investment reflects our values of sustainability and community engagement.

Our annual participation in the Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) is a cornerstone of our commitment to industry innovation and excellence. Winning 20 awards at this prestigious event is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and sustainability in the horticultural industry. 

Various industry organizations

Ambius supports and invests in various associations, from growers to designers to industry research. By supporting organizations like Green Plants for Green Buildings and the Florida Nursery Growers Association, we can help contribute to the advancement and growth of the entire industry ecosystem. These organizations play crucial roles in promoting the benefits of interior landscapes, conducting industry research, and fostering connections between growers, designers, and other industry stakeholders. 

Supporting the plantscape industry

Our dedication to long-term sustainability reflects our vision of creating healthier, greener, and more vibrant indoor environments for all. Every day, we are proud of our designers, employees, and the installations we can create with customers nationwide.