Ambius achieved remarkable success at the 2024 International Plantscape Awards on January 18th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, earning 20 awards for innovative designs. These awards aim to recognize top industry designers and honor exceptional interior plantscape designs. 

Ambius designers from across North America submitted entries in nine categories and secured awards in various categories, including Design, Major Renovation, Living Wall, Rooftop Gardens, and more. Our designers earned three Platinum awards, thirteen Gold, and four Silver

“These awards are a testament to our company’s unwavering commitment to revolutionize sensory-driven experiences that ignite happiness, and promotes sustainability, where people live, work and play. Enhancing spaces is more than just a job for our designers, it’s something we are truly passionate about at Ambius. Their passion drives our success and we could not be more proud.”

Lorri MacHarg, President of Ambius

Platinum awards

The Jewel Box restoration in St. Louis, MO

Overhead image of the Jewel Box restoration
  • Location - St. Louis, MO
  • Project Lead - Roel Ventura
  • Project Team - Ambius St. Louis Install Team
  • Award Category - Major Renovation
  • Award Level - Platinum

The Ambius St. Louis team embarked on restoring and renovating the iconic Jewel Box in Forest Park, an Art Deco design-inspired greenhouse conservatory. By studying the original 2002 plant design layout, the designer handpicked specific plant varieties that aligned best with the restoration vision.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, Bird House redesign in Washington, DC

Ambius workers working on the Bird House redesign
  • Location - Washington, DC
  • Project Lead - Yuko Frazier
  • Project Team - Ambius Construction Development
  • Award Category - Atrium / Garden Plantings, Interior
  • Award Level - Platinum 

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, Bird House involved a major renovation of the 95-year-old Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, featuring three distinct aviaries highlighting different ecosystems. A significant highlight was the successful installation of a 26-foot-tall Ficus Aurea, weighing over a ton.

Green wall installation in New  Orleans, LA 

Living green wall in aquarium lobby with families walking
  • Location - New Orleans, LA
  • Project Lead - Matt Hills
  • Project Team - Ambius Construction Development
  • Award Category - Living Wall
  • Award Level - Platinum 

The Ambius Construction Development team designed and installed two stunning living walls covering 810 square feet at the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans. Meticulously crafted with a wall-hung plant tray system, the walls feature 3,600 living plants and strategically placed replica plants, ensuring lasting beauty and easy maintenance for Audubon's dedicated team.

Gold awards

Interior planter bed design in Stamford, CT

Overview of planter bed
  • Location - Stamford, CT
  • Project Lead - Laura Von Dettum
  • Project Team - Ambius New Jersey & Connecticut Team
  • Award Category - Installation
  • Award Level - Gold

This interior landscaping project showcases a stunning and unique installation featuring a sprawling planter bed nestled within the heart of a stairwell base. The client wanted a design that transcended the ordinary and utilized various heights, elements, and fluid design flows.

Green wall installation in Raleigh, NC

Image of moss wall install
  • Location - Raleigh, NC
  • Project Lead - Debora Marks
  • Project Team - Ambius Raleigh
  • Award Category - Moss Wall
  • Award Level - Gold

Our client, Westin Hotel Brier Creek, requested five moss panels, five to seven feet wide and three to four feet tall, embedded within a wooden millwork divider for the hotel's main lobby. Through collaboration with the millwork contractor, we ensured flawless integration of every detail, creating a stunning moss wall that left a memorable impression on every guest and visitor.

AC San Diego Hotel rooftop install in San Diego, CA

AC San Diego rooftop lounge area
  • Location - San Diego, CA
  • Project Lead - Janice Nath
  • Project Team - Ambius San Diego
  • Award Category - Green Roof/Rooftop Gardens
  • Award Level - Gold

To cultivate a Biophilic Tulum vibe for the AC San Diego Hotel rooftop pool deck and bar, Janice Nath and the Ambius San Diego team used 82 custom-finished round containers and 20 white rectangular containers, incorporating 140 plants of seven distinct species. Thoughtfully arranged around seating areas, the circular planters create a lush atmosphere, while rectangular planters serve as elegant privacy screens.

Live and replica plant installation in Boston, MA

Live plant installation in an airport lounge
  • Location - Boston, MA
  • Project Lead - Lisa Ciccia
  • Project Team - Ambius Boston
  • Award Category - Free-standing Containers, Interior or Exterior
  • Award Level - Gold 

The Ambius Boston team transformed a luxurious airport lounge into a pioneering prototype, seamlessly combining live and replica plants in modern containers. The design is the foundation for nationwide lounge locations, offering travelers a relaxing environment.

Biophilic office design in Foster City, CA

Green wall on office wall
  • Location - Foster City, CA 
  • Project Lead - Laura Burns
  • Project Team - Ambius Hayward Install team
  • Award Category - Design
  • Award Level - Gold 

Our installation for Obayashi prioritizes biophilic design, incorporating natural elements like wood, curved walls, color, and plants to transform a standard office into an inviting workspace. The infusion of plants complements organic and architectural components, creating a vibrant and imaginative atmosphere.

Live and replica plant installation in Lakeland, FL

Fire pit surrounded by chairs and plants
  • Location - Lakeland, FL
  • Project Lead - Alexis Scarfogliero
  • Project Team - Ambius North Florida
  • Award Category - Design
  • Award Level - Gold

Our installation for Silversaw Apartments contained nearly 120 plants, including vibrant living specimens and hyper-realistic replicas, with majestic palm trees at the forefront. The extensive selection of tropical flora transformed the space, replicating the aesthetics of an upscale luxury hotel that provides a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Interior landscaping redesign in Cambridge, MA

Green wall in office building cafeteria
  • Location - Cambridge, MA
  • Project Lead - Shannon Swanson
  • Project Team - Ambius Boston
  • Award Category - Major Renovation
  • Awards Level - Gold 

The Ambius Boston team successfully executed an impressive design for our client's renovated building, delivering a modern and refreshing aesthetic after a complete gutting of the space. The team creatively installed planters with various plant species, overcoming lighting challenges and incorporating replicas like lemon trees and grass.

Rock garden installation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Plant bed with white rocks
  • Location - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Project Lead - Erin Barylski
  • Project Team - Ambius Fort Lauderdale
  • Award Category - Silk, Replica, & Preserved
  • Award Level - Gold 

Moxie’s new restaurant and bar design surprises customers with unexpected greenery, featuring a hidden rock garden visible between slats of white-washed wood in the staircase and through the glass wine wall. The replica rock garden showcases soft blueish-green agaves, clusters of aloe, staggering heights of yuccas in burgundies or yellow and greens, and a center statement of euphorbia trigona among a bed of sparkly white granite.

Green wall installation in Houston, TX

Green wall that spells out Welcome to Houston
  • Location - Houston, TX
  • Project Lead - Andrea Alvarez
  • Project Team - Ambius Houston
  • Award Category - Silk, Replica, & Preserved 
  • Award Level - Gold

The Ambius design team created a 200-foot moss wall for an airport in Houston and included sections highlighting the iconic Houston skyline. The panels on both sides proudly display the message, 'Welcome to Houston,' adorned with replica succulents.

Green wall installation in Cambridge, MA

Green wall in office common area
  • Location - Cambridge, MA
  • Project Lead - Lisa Ciccia
  • Project Team - Ambius Boston
  • Award Category - Living Wall
  • Award Level - Gold

The Ambius team successfully created seven customized living walls for a biotech client's office building. Each vibrant living wall featured different design themes, provided privacy, and combined function with beauty across four floors while maintaining a naturalized look.

Green wall redesign in Port Washington, NY

Green wall image from second floor in office building
  • Location - Port Washington, NY
  • Project Lead - Mary Cahill
  • Project Team - Ambius New York & New Jersey team
  • Award Category - Living Wall
  • Award Level - Gold 

This project transformed Luxottica’s basic office space into a healthy, inviting environment by incorporating biophilia and emphasizing natural elements like wood, curved walls, color, and plants. A magnificent living green wall featuring 2,640 plants, complemented by various planters throughout the office, created an open and visually engaging workplace.

Biophilic hotel design in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Indoor dining area with live plants
  • Location - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Project Lead - Myrna Salgado 
  • Project Team - Ambius 346 Miami
  • Award Category - Design
  • Award Level - Gold 

The South Florida design team revitalized spaces in Nobu, seamlessly integrating a biophilic design with the city's iconic "Art Deco" style, creating an ambiance of wellness and relaxation. This design exceeded the client’s expectations and showcased the blending of the natural world with historic architectural styles.

Plant installation in Washington, DC

Planter wall with live plants
  • Location - Washington, DC
  • Project Lead - Lisa Filipiak
  • Project Team - Ambius DC
  • Award Category - Design
  • Award Level - Gold

Visa, a major financial institution, reached out to Ambius just eight days before the grand opening of their new offices, seeking the installation of over 600 plants. Despite the tight timeframe, our dedicated team successfully specified, sourced, designed, cleaned, delivered, redesigned, and installed a diverse array of over 750 six-inch plants, exceeding customer expectations and forging a new partnership between our brands.

Silver awards

Biophilic office design in Chicago, IL

Atrium plant border
  • Location - Chicago, IL 
  • Project Lead - Debra Magoon
  • Project Team - Ambius Chicago
  • Award Category - Atrium/Garden Plantings, Interior 
  • Award Level - Silver

For this project, AllSteel envisioned a spectacular design for their office showroom for the world’s largest commercial furniture show. This project highlights biophilic design, seamlessly blending wood lines, varied shapes, flowing design, and lush greenery to create a tranquil space.

The Queen Mary Ship preservation project in Long Beach, CA

Sitting area with planter at the Queen Mary
  • Location - Long Beach, CA
  • Project Lead - Brandi Ortolani
  • Project Team - Ambius Los Angeles Holiday Team
  • Award Category - Major Renovation
  • Award Level - Silver 

Tasked with adorning the historic Queen Mary Ship, the Ambius Los Angeles team embraced the challenge of sourcing authentic flowers to match the ship's original types and colors. The vintage-inspired installation pays homage to the ship's rich history and gained recognition in a prestigious 2023 article.

Biophilic design for a restaurant in Miami, FL

Upstairs booth seating with live plants
  • Location - Miami, FL
  • Project Lead - Christina Steed
  • Project Team - Ambius 346 Miami 
  • Award Category - Design
  • Award Level - Silver 

Canadian-based multi-location client expanding into the United States prioritized a warm and inviting atmosphere with a focus on biophilic design for their new restaurants. Despite construction delays, our team added lush exterior planters for an intimate dining experience and a custom-designed replica green wall inside with vibrant foliage and elegant floral arrangements, overall enhancing Joey Restaurant Group’s venue. 

Interior landscaping project in Arlington, VA

Hanging plants in office building
  • Location - Arlington, VA
  • Project Lead - Erica Hart
  • Project Team - Ambius DC
  • Award Category - Design 
  • Award Level - Silver

Northeastern University enlisted the Ambius Washington DC team to collaborate and design a green-filled space to improve student well-being. The team exceeded expectations by creating diverse greenery displays, including a custom live orchid feature, a moss wall on the back, and a hanging replica.

In addition to the 20 design awards, Ambius was presented the 2024 Outstanding Business Philanthropy Leadership Award. “This inaugural award, recognizes a corporation or business who is advancing the greater good in its community,” said Elliott Bennett, President and Owner of I-Plants Magazine. “The recipient of this award, shows continued dedication in creating long term sustainability for the plantscape industry, and embodies the integrity, leadership and accomplishment that defines excellence in the field of philanthropy.”

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