The Basics of Healthy Buildings Certifications Series

Starter guides to help you decide which healthy building certification is right for your business


For many businesses, green or healthy building certifications are now an important component of their sustainability, wellness, and environmental goals.  

For someone new to these initiatives, navigating even the foundational principles can be complex. That's why Ambius has put together its Basics of Healthy Buildings Certifications Series: three short guides designed to help businesses embark on learning about the LEED Rating System, FitWel Certification, and The WELL Building Standard

In these guides, we cover the important information you're looking for:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Features, concepts, and credit categories
  • Ratings systems and scorecards
  • Timelines and costs to consider
  • How Ambius services can fit into your healthy building journey


Click on the guide of your choice below and grow your knowledge on the basics of healthy buildings certifications.