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Offer every shopper an experience to remember. In retail environments multi-sensory marketing plays a powerful role, improving brand perceptions and loyalty by forging emotional connections between brands and people. Multi-sensory marketing enhances the retail customer experience and drives brand loyalty. Experience Ambius expert service and consultative full-service approach. We provide a sensory experience for the customer that results in longer time spent in the store, higher spends, repeat business, and enhanced branding.

In a competitive marketplace, maintaining high standards and offering a unique experience is key to increasing shopper loyalty. Ambius can help create a distinguishable and enjoyable environment, perfect for welcoming new customers, increasing dwell time, and enhancing shopper satisfaction. Customers who have a positive experience at your retail store will stay longer, return more frequently, and spend  more.

Biophilic design and your brand

These days, retail is all about the experience. Without it, what’s to keep consumers from shopping online from their couch? To increase foot traffic, you need to offer them something they can’t get from an online retailer. Biophilic design can help you do just that.

An elevated experience often positively impacts consumers’ perception of your products’ value. The addition of skylights alone has shown to increase sales by introducing a source of natural light into the space. And bringing in greenery to the space, whether it be in green wall form or with containerized plants, not only provides natural air filtration and sound absorption but also creates a general feeling of freshness.

With this enhanced shopping experience, shoppers will be more likely to linger — increasing the probability of a purchase. Further, a positive, memorable experience is worth sharing. Satisfied customers will tell their friends and family and then suddenly, you have even more people coming into the store.

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The Ambius difference

Ambius understands how difficult it can be to attract passing shoppers and deliver a positive brand experience time after time.  Ambius design experts help our clients grow their businesses by helping them improve their ROI – Return on Interiors. We have the experience to tailor each and every plant and scent solution to your individual circumstance that enhances your reputation, reflects your brand values, and promotes brand loyalty.