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Odor removal service

When you own a business, you want the experience to be pleasant for all of your clients and customers. This can be particularly daunting to deal with if you work in musty old buildings, have areas near garbage cans or dumpsters, have a cigarette-smoking area or anything else that might leave a foul odor.

Studies have shown that customers have a very real and visceral reaction to scent. The right smells can trigger memories and create a more pleasant experience for shoppers, clients and customers. The converse is also true, bad smells and foul odors will make customers and clients want to leave your establishment as fast as possible.

That's why Ambius offers Premium Scenting, which is subtle and effective. Our technology uses micro-droplets that not only remove odors, but eliminate them. Don’t just try to mask foul odors using heavy chemical and aerosol sprays, neutralize the smell.

The great thing is that Ambius offers a whole selection of different scents to choose from, which you can find in our scenting catalog. Our scenting machines and products will get rid of those lingering odors and make your business a place that customers and clients will enjoy. We can even help if you have had flood damage or some other incident that has left a foul odor.

Odor removal for your business

Our Premium Scenting experts will work with you to find out what the problem is and then come up with a customized solution for your business.

We will:

  • Identify the odor
  • Create the right neutralizer to eliminate the scent
  • Deliver and set up the neutralizers
  • Provide the right concentration of neutralizer

Our scenting machines use patented technology that releases micro-droplets into the air similar to a vapor. They do not leave wet marks or residue behind, but provide the areas affected by the foul odors with an effective and complete odor remediation solution. In short, the smells will be gone and pleasant odors will remain.

Indoor air vs. outdoor air

The EPA has done studies that show indoor air can actually be five times worse than outdoors. That means in some situations it can be worse for your health to breathe in the air inside your office or building than it would be to stand outside. From the smell of garbage to the cigarette smoke that gets inside from the smoking section, the air inside the building can smell bad and be bad for you.

That's why it's more beneficial for you to have odor remediation that neutralizes these smells. It's more than just spraying perfume around trying to cover the malodors. It's completely taking them out of the picture.

At Ambius, we are always finding new scenting techniques that don't just mask the smell, but improve the overall indoor air quality. Our scenting experts are ready to answer all your questions and help you get rid of the bad smells.

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