Sure, adding plants and natural lighting to your space can stimulate the senses and foster our innate need to be in nature. But imagine for a moment that you are walking through a field of wildflowers. You may extend your arms to brush the tops of the plants, close your eyes to strengthen your other senses, and maybe even take a deep, cleansing breath. When you take that breath, there is a certain element that elevates the experience even further. The scent of those wildflowers that fills your nose is an integral sensory cue. A similar phenomenon can easily be brought to your space by infusing it with natural scents.

Out of all of the senses, smell is the most often cited to most powerfully trigger emotions and memories. As the experts in ambient scenting, the experts at Ambius can help you develop a scent profile for your business that will strengthen your brand. Using our exclusive diagnostic tools combined with a thorough understanding of your needs and those of your employees and customers, they take the time to define the perfect solution for your environment. Contact us today to discover what scent can do for your space.

Biophilic scents

Environments that allow people to connect with nature lead to better health, wellbeing, and engagement. One of the strongest ways to support a biophilic environment is with the use of nature-inspired fragrances. The scenting experts at Ambius have identified eleven scents that do it best. Read on to discover what they are.


Marine Fresh

bold, calm, casual, cold, comfortable, complex, friendly, innocent, mature, peaceful, rich, soft, sweet, warm

A part of the Woody Oriental sub-family, this scent combines note of ocean spray, bergamot, dune grass, and cedar to transport you to the ocean.


Refreshing Lavender

bold, intense, mature, sweet, rich, warm

Widely used in products meant to relax and soothe, it is no surprise that this scent is often used to create a calming environment. Its therapeutic qualities make it an ideal candidate for the healthcare and hospitality industries.


Soft Veil

bright, elegant, energetic, feminine, fresh, happy, lively, modern, outdoorsy, refined, refreshing, relaxed, romantic, sophisticated, trendy

The Soft Veil fragrance is floral in nature, combining scents of lily, magnolia, Tahitian vanilla, and bleached white cedarwood. Its playfulness pairs perfectly with a sophistication that puts all who encounter it at ease.


Wood Blonde

bold, casual, comfortable, complex, exotic, friendly, intense, modern, mysterious, outdoorsy, powerful, strong, sturdy, trendy, warm

From its name, it is probably easy to guess what this fragrance is like. Wood Blonde’s “outdoorsy” nature portrays strength without being overpowering.



bold, casual, classic, comfortable, earthy, energetic, friendly, homey, invigorating, outdoorsy, peaceful

Similar to the Wood Blonde fragrance, Woodlands captures notes of evergreen pine needles, sage, and thyme. They work together to facilitate a state of mind conducive to office work. Thyme clears the mind and sharpens focus, while sage uplifts and relieves depression. Lastly, the hints of pine stimulate the senses, which may help to fight fatigue.


Bamboo Wood

bright, crisp, elegant, energetic, exotic, friendly, fresh, modern, mysterious, outdoorsy, peaceful, reflective, relaxed, sophisticated, vibrant

Alongside hints of lemon, pear, jasmine, muguet, cedarwood, and amber, the bamboo scent is a soft but uplifting one.


Cucumber Mint

airy, cold, crisp, energetic, fresh, lively, refreshing, relaxed, vibrant

Not only does this combination pair perfectly as key ingredients in many a refreshing beverage, but they also blend well with water lily and jasmine make a space feel open. This fragrance is an ideal choice for small spaces, giving the illusion that they are expansive and less cramped.


Blue Wood

addictive, complex, elegant, exotic, expensive, glamorous, intoxicating, modern, mysterious, new, powerful, refined, refreshing, relaxed, rich, romantic, sensual, sexy, sophisticated, warm

There are other “woody” fragrances on this list, but Blue Wood is a bit different. It uses brightening, floral notes of jasmine, lotus, and magnolia to accompany the stronger wood scents, facilitating a sensual elegance.


Marine Sawgrass

bright, comfortable, classic, fresh, friendly, homey, intense, masculine, mature, old, powerful, soft, strong, sturdy, warm

Marine Sawgrass is a more aromatic ode to the beach than its nautical counterpart, Marine Fresh. Musk and vanilla soften the cedarwood, all highlighted by jasmine and muguet undertones. A bright, but comfortable fragrance, Marine Sawgrass complements spaces such as retail environments quite well.

image-banner-stock-close-up-of-white-flowers-of-the-ginger-lily--1210422470 (1).webp

Ginger Lily

airy, calm, crisp, elegant, exotic, feminine, lively, outdoorsy, peaceful, refined, refreshing, trendy, youthful

With roots in the tropical regions of Asia, the Ginger Lily is often associated with renewal and refreshment. The flower is quite fragrant on its own, and here it is paired with wet dew, white champaca, and Laelia orchid blossoms to create an airy, elegant scent profile.


Green Escape

airy, bright, crisp, friendly, fresh, happy, invigorating, lively, outdoorsy, playful, romantic, vibrant, youthful

Last, but not least, we have Green Escape. Its name alone pays homage to the core idea of biophilia. The way in which it transports you from a congested indoor environment to a freeing outdoor oasis, positions this scent perfectly for airports, sports facilities, or even offices.

75% of our daily emotions are affected by smell. By not harnessing the power of scent, your business is missing out on a key driver of customer experience. Discover why scenting is important for your brand message. Contact us today to learn more about our Premium Scenting services.

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