Laura Burns Lambert

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Laura Burns-Lambert: Sensory designer

We're delighted to introduce you to Laura Burns-Lambert, a sensory design expert who specializes in interior plant and floral design in the San Francisco and Bay Area.

Laura utilizes her natural creativity to find solutions that differentiate her clients from the rest of the pack. She specializes in telling the story of a brand through art, and she is attracted to any form of physical media she can use to get her point across visually including painting, woodwork, metalwork and sculpting.

Laura’s specialties are Interior Landscapes, Holiday Designs, and Brand Enhancement.

Award winning projects

Green Walls, indoor landscaping, holiday decor, living floral arrangements and more are part of the award-winning designs from Laura Burns Lambert. Each project has unique challenges and solutions and you can read the details by clicking the links below.

Customer testimonials

“We have been very impressed with the service and plants that we have received from Ambius. The people that service the plants are great! I would highly recommend this company.”  

- Wendy James, Esurance, San Francisco

“Our experience with Ambius has been exceptional. Not only do they provide quality work, but they are always attentive to our needs in a prompt, efficient manner.”  

- Thom Ward, The Infinity, San Francisco

“We have contracted with Ambius since 2006. I am most impressed with their creative talents. They always seem to hit the bull’s eye on everything. I look forward to a long relationship with your company.”  

- Steven Husak, Asst. GM, Serramonte Mall, Daly City