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Interiorscaping for social distancing

Social distancing – a concept with which we are all now quite familiar. As a society, we’ve become accustomed to a six-foot gap between ourselves and others, contactless payments, limited indoor capacities and plexiglass shields. 

People want to know that the places where they live, work, learn and play are safe. But social distancing doesn't have to include taped-off areas, sneeze guards, and empty desks.  

Make your facility design part of your healthy agenda. By using plants, modular partitions and green wall dividers, you get a functional and versatile solution that can evolve and shift as your needs do. Whether you’re separating larger areas to shape private spaces, encouraging social distancing, or creating directional pathways, Ambius can help.

Signals of safety

As we continue to find our way through the pandemic, it will be important for businesses to incorporate social distancing and other signals of safety into their workplace and customer-facing environments to help ease apprehensions. 

According to research by Deloitte, people use six key signals to evaluate the safety of an environment.

Signals of safety

By utilizing interiorscaping techniques to encourage social distancing, you tap into three of these six tangible signs. When implemented for this purpose, plants create visible physical changes that enhance your space, encourage social distancing, and limit the density of people. They also infuse the space with natural elements that bring the outdoors inside.

Our solutions

Green wall dividers

Freestanding, self-contained green walls are true barriers and are perfect for social distancing. Designed specifically to create private spaces, green wall dividers can be used to separate workspaces, especially those with limited floor space. 

Modular partitions and green wall dividers utilize moss, live or replica plants to separate spaces, providing a welcome contrast to a traditional cubicle wall. Some dividers offer added value by featuring whiteboards for brainstorming or note-taking and wheels for ease of mobility.

Container walls and groupings

Floor plants and containers can be expertly designed to assist in social distancing when grouped and placed properly. Your Ambius consultant will work with you to determine the ideal planter size and quantity for your space, laying them out in such a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and effectual. Rectangular and square planters can mimic curbs, walkways, aisles and fences, helping to imply the structure of social distancing with their edges and corners. Containers paired with the right plant species can establish boundaries, preventing people from cutting through.


When it comes to plants, those that have thick, full foliage are most helpful in contributing to social distancing guidelines. Taller plants like Dracaena canes and reflexa, Aureum pole, Ficus, or Schefflera provide the appearance of a structured walkway or barrier. Shorter plants such as Sansevieria or the ZZ plant can be paired with tall planters to provide visual height.

Benefits of interiorscaping for social distancing

Let’s face it. Going back to “business as usual” is not something we can do – at least without redefining our “usual.” The idea that people would be willing to return to the exact same space they left months ago is an unrealistic one. Your staff and customers need to be reassured of their safety, and without visible indications of an effort to make the space safer and healthier, they cannot return with confidence.

By using interiorscaping to enforce social distancing guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • The opportunity to design a beautifully socially-distanced space 
  • Function and versatility
  • Seamless incorporation of biophilic design

See how Ambius brings social distance design to life in our 1-page guide. Download your free copy below.

Though our world looks a little different now, we can help you make sustainable changes that protect your business and the people who depend on it. Call us at 800-501-1456 or contact us online to find out how Ambius can help you get back to business.

Download our guide to social distance design