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Roel Ventura: Ambient Designer

Roel Ventura

Elite Ambient Designer

We're delighted to introduce you to Roel Ventura, an ambient designer who specializes in cut floral arrangements, ambient scenting solutions, and interior plants and containers for businesses in the St. Louis area. As an ambient designer, Roel strives to ensure that the overall experience for any particular environment is achieved through all five senses, particularly the sense of smell.


Magellan Health

The client, Magellan Health, had recently gone through a lobby remodel at their corporate headquarters. They requested a clean and modern overall plant design to align with the remodel. After considering construction restrictions and other factors, they decided to move forward with a replica succulent wall. In the replica succulent design, the client wanted to have the succulents form subtle “triangle” shapes to mimic the company’s logo. A custom 12’ X 4.5.’ replica wall was constructed with a silver aluminum frame and installed along with tall, slender silver containers filled with orchids.

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