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Design a memorable guest experience. In an ultra-competitive marketplace, every detail makes a difference. Ambius' multi-sensory services will help you stand out from the crowd and take your hotel brand experience to new heights by tapping into the power of scent and plants. Enhance your experience, engage your guests, and ensure positive feedback with Ambius.

Multi-sensory designs will enhance your guest's experience and drive brand loyalty. Experience the tangible business benefits of Plants and Scenting including:

  • Deliver welcoming environments your guests won't forget
  • Multi-sensory designs can influence guest behavior and brand loyalty
  • Establish deeper emotional connections with guests with multi-sensory designs
  • Grow occupancy rates with patented green wall technologies
  • Create odor-free environments with odor-remediation solutions

Ambius can make your hotel stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to your guests that they are important to you. The right interior landscape and scent solution can improve customer feedback, which in turn builds repeat business. By including scent as part of a multi-sensory brand experience, you will build a stronger emotional connection with guests. Guests form a lasting positive memory, enabling you to benefit from brand loyalty, and an enhanced reputation.

The Ambius difference

Ambius understands the challenges you face in delivering a memorable and unique guest experience. We have the know-how to tailor each and every solution to your individual circumstance to maximize impact, reflect your brand values, and ensure you receive positive reviews and guest feedback. Ambius design experts help our clients grow their businesses by helping them improve their ROI – Return on Interiors.

We deliver design-led functional interiors that enhance brand image, and have an impact on customers, guests, and visitors to help drive brand loyalty and spend. We create a welcoming experience for our customers' guests and visitors, resulting in more repeat business and longer stays.