Have you been seeing more plants everywhere you go lately? From the interiors of your favorite local businesses to prime time HGTV shows, the popularity of plants is evident.

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Why are indoor plants so popular? Why are so many people searching and looking into buying indoor plants for their homes and businesses?

Ambius is the expert in indoor plants, as well as office plants, Living Green Walls and other interior design and landscaping techniques. If your office or building could use some indoor plants to brighten things up, contact us today!

Indoor plants have numerous benefits


Studies have shown time and time again that having living plants indoors helps people. For businesses, indoor plants have been to shown to help reduce sick time and reduce the phenomenon known as “presenteeism” which is a term describing behavior where employees are barely doing their job and not actively engaged. By being able to see indoor plants, greenery or even the color of plants (greens and browns), people show a boost in energy and creativity.

Human beings have an innate connection to nature. This is the phenomenon known as biophilia. By being able to view nature, whether through a window or via potted indoor plants, building inhabitants can enjoy the many benefits listed above. This is why having an office with limited windows and a limited number of plants can actually cause drops in creativity, productivity and increase absenteeism.

Indoor plants look nice


Of course, there is just the inherent fact that looking at a nice plant instead of tiles floors and white walls is more pleasant for people. Indoor plants, with their green leaves and blooming flowers, help calm people. It is a seemingly hard-wired thing inside a human being’s brains that seeing nature in some form in the typical cold, hard environment of an office helps them feel better mentally.

Mental health affects the rest of the body. People who do not feel comfortable inside their office do not work as well as those who do.

Indoor plants clean the air

NASA has done studies that proved indoor plants can take the dirty air, clean it, and expel fresh air on the other side. This is the very essence of what plants do. They breathe in the air we breathe out and turn it back into oxygen which we can then breathe.

Of course, the debate is how many plants are needed to really have an effect. NASA scientists suggest a good-sized plant for every 100 square feet. Plants with broad, green leaves tend to purify the air better than smaller plants.

Indoor plants are low maintenance


Some plant species thrive indoors better than others. These indoor plants don’t require much light and are easy to maintain. Low-light plants grow slowly so they do not overrun the office. Some indoor plants require very little watering. Use the Ambius plant catalog to find the perfect plant for you so you purify the air and provide your space with the biophilic benefits of plants, without having to worry about constant watering or pruning.

Indoor plants reduce noise

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One of the problems with the modern office is they are very noisy. People are on the phone, working away on their computers. The modern office means people can have meetings right at their desks with other people across the globe and discuss important business needs right there in their cubicles.

Did you know indoor plants reduce noise levels? Plants refract sound creating quieter spaces and adding more privacy for office workers. Reducing noise levels allows people to focus on their work. Office workers in a plant-rich environment will likely feel less like they are in a crowded office and more like they are at home or in a private office.

Indoor plants help during the winter


Could it be the winter blues? Indoor plants may just be the thing people need when the world is cold and bleak outside. Plants are the perfect antidote for Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is what causes people to feel down when winter comes.

Keeping plants at home has been shown to help boost moods in much the same way they boost creativity and help with mental health in the office. Having plants in the home and in the office can go a long way toward combating Season Affective Disorder, which is the mental illness that besets many people during the dark days of winter. Depression and loss of effectiveness ensue among people who feel depressed because of the cold weather and darkness keeping them indoors.

Bringing a bit of the outdoors indoors is one way to help combat this. Making your interior look a bit like springtime can go a long way. 

Ambius specializes in indoor plants

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Whether you are looking for a few indoor plants around your lobby or a sprawling interior landscape Ambius can help. Our experts will source, design and maintain your plants so you can reap the benefits without having to worry about the maintenance. We work with you to make sure the plants in your office look their best and stay that way. 

If you would like to learn how we can help beautify your building, contact your local Ambius office today.