As the global leader in creating sensory-driven experiences, Ambius is committed to designing healthy, beautiful spaces where people and brands flourish in each of the communities we serve. With a passion for plants and a focus on sustainability and exceptional service, we are committed to sourcing only the highest quality plants and materials. To further our mission, we're excited to announce the opening of two new in-house foliage finishing centers in Miami and Southern California. 

The foliage finishing centers play a pivotal role in ensuring that plants are of the highest quality that meet the Ambius standards. They serve as hubs for finalizing the cultivation process and preparing plants for their journey to market. This is where plants continue to be grown out and prepared for a strong, healthy acclimation to commercial, indoor environments. In this center, plants are carefully nurtured, monitored, and tended to, ensuring they have strong root systems that are healthy, vibrant, and ready for our customer sites.

Enhanced Quality Control

One key benefit of the finishing centers is our ability to prepare plants for new environments and cultivate stronger root systems, directly improving their health and lifespan. Plants with robust root systems are inherently more resilient and less susceptible to issues such as yellowing leaves or fungal diseases. This not only translates to more aesthetically pleasing plants and less frequent plant replacements for customers, but also streamlines maintenance efforts for technicians. By directly overseeing the finishing process, Ambius can maintain consistency and excellence in the final product.

Ambius employee holding plants
In our private finishing center, Ambius can nurture plants with strong, healthy root systems (left), in contrast to externally sourced plants (right).

Improved Transparency and Offerings 

Our finishing centers allow us to more precisely control our plant sourcing and foster deeper relationships with cultivators, particularly those in regions renowned for producing premium plants like Hawaii. Through direct engagement with growers and enhanced transparency of our supply chain, we can better ensure a steady flow of high-quality plants for customers. Additionally, we can more easily access unique plant varieties that are challenging for most providers to acquire.

Sustainability Efforts 

By managing our own finishing centers and product distribution, we can assert greater control over our environmental impact and execute more comprehensive sustainability initiatives related to waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of eco-friendly materials. 

Disaster Protection 

Our Miami facility, in particular, is engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions, which helps provide a crucial safeguard against disruptions in the supply chain. Given the susceptibility of South Florida's plant nurseries to hurricanes, our facility minimizes potential downtime and helps ensure uninterrupted plant availability for our customers.

Continued Innovation 

With greater control over the production process, Ambius can continue to push the boundaries of creativity. This dedication to continuous improvement ensures that customers not only benefit from Ambius' current offerings, but also have exciting new developments to look forward to in the future.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Past crises, including the pandemic in 2020 and Hurricane Irma in 2017, exposed vulnerabilities in our supply chain. The launch of our private finishing centers is a pivotal step in addressing the plant industry's challenges head-on. By consolidating plant storage and logistics, our finishing centers provide us the flexibility to adapt swiftly to market changes and evolving consumer preferences.

Investing in our finishing centers underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence. By proactively addressing challenges, we can elevate the caliber and dependability of plant supply for our customers and set new and exciting benchmarks for the industry.