Everyone agrees that plants are great, and for good reason. At a basic and important level, they provide the oxygen that we need to breathe. In addition, plants are great for decorating your house and office, make great gifts, and have a whole host of benefits for your health.

There’s a lot to love about our green, photosynthesizing companions.


However, plants are alive and need to be cared for properly in order to survive. This is a problem for those that simply do not have a green thumb, and anything green they touch or care for seems to wither and die regardless of how hard they try.

For this reason, we have put together a list of five indestructible indoor plants and matched them to the people we think they would be best suited for. If you know someone that just can’t seem to keep anything green or plant-like alive for more than a few days at a time, give them this list and you’ll give them some hope. Enjoy!

Definition: Indestructible

[in-di-struhk-tuh-buh l]

Adjective: Not destructible; that which cannot be destroyed.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

This plant is one of the most indestructible plants on our list. It is a great medicinal plant that contains a soothing gel used for cuts and burns.

Care Tips: The Aloe plant only needs to be watered every one to two weeks and requires a minimal amount of indirect sunlight.

Perfect Match: The Accident-Prone types who are constantly injuring themselves in freak accidents that result in paper cuts, stove burns, brush burns, or rashes.

Jade plant

custom image

This plant is a member of the popular succulent family and is considered one of the toughest of the bunch. It is a great indoor plant that adds a decorative touch to your environment.

With thick, rubbery leaves that store water like cacti, it is great for busy people that inevitably forget to water it. They are prone to sunburn if taken outdoors into direct sunlight, so make sure it stays safe and burn-free by keeping it inside.

Care Tips: You know it’s ready to water when the top of the soil is bone dry. It typically does best when watered once a week until the soil is evenly moist.

Perfect Match: This plant is a perfect match for the Homebody type, one who truly enjoys the great indoors.

Peace Lily

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The largest plant on the list, but don’t let that intimidate you as it doesn’t make it any more difficult to care. The Peace Lily, aka Spathiphyllum, has large dark green leaves and beautiful white flowers that bloom during the summer.  They love dark corners and indirect sunlight, making them great for low-light residencies and offices.

Care Tips: Peace Lilys make it easy for you to care for because they can easily go 1-2 weeks without water and do not need a ton of light to be happy. As if they weren’t easy enough, they actually tell you when they need water by dropping their leaves. Give them a thirst-quenching drink of water and they’ll perk right back up.

Perfect Match: The Busy Business type that is constantly jumping from meeting to meeting and needs a little peace and quiet in their busy life. They know all too well what exhaustion looks like and will recognize the Peace Lily’s signal that it’s time to water.

Lucky Bamboo

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Have you ever wondered why they call it Lucky Bamboo? According to Chinese tradition, the number of bamboo stalks determines the intention. For instance, two stalks represent love, three stalks bring happiness, five stalks bring wealth, and six stalks represent good luck. This makes them great gifts for those moving into new places.

Care Tips: Lucky bamboo plants are easy to care for. Your primary concern is to make sure they are well-watered. Lucky bamboo can actually live solely in water and stone, no soil necessary. As for lighting, they do not need direct sunlight but do enjoy well-lit areas, which makes them great for spaces that are often occupied.

Perfect Match: The Feng Shui Master is always providing interior decorating tips and regularly moves their furniture in order to maintain proper levels of environmental harmony.


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The Pothos plant is the ultimate indestructible plant on the list. It is tough, durable, and is one of the top-performing air purifiers in NASA’s indoor air pollution study. Pothos are considered some of the best plants for offices because they can stay green even in very low-light environments.

Care Tips: A very low-maintenance plant that will thrive in both bright and low-light areas. It’s also not very picky when it comes to watering, as it will grow in dry and drenched soil environments.

Perfect Match: The Out-of-Towner is the ideal owner for the hearty Pothos plant. They are always on the go and never at home, but it doesn’t matter with this plant because of its sheer durability.

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