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Scent marketing: our approach

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The Ambius approach to scenting

Our consultants tailor each solution according to our clientele's needs. This is done by taking into consideration your brand values, business drivers and cultural differences to determine which scents embody your business best. We also conduct business discretely so your customers and daily business routines are not interrupted.

Ambius uses unique diagnostic tools to determine the best way to distribute your scents by measuring and determining the airflow in your space. Our scenting machines produce microdroplets, which behaves like a dry vapor that will leave no deposits on the items in your space. It requires less liquid and provides uniform coverage throughout your entire space.

Our expert fragrance designers, Christopher Laudmiel and Raymond Matts, are leading the world in scent marketing. Each fragrance is crafted using a combination of scents that are chosen to deliver specific results for each client.

Why Premium Scenting?

The ingredients used in Premium Scenting fragrances are pure and manufactured to industry standards. Our scents can even help you earn points towards LEED certification. Conventional scenting machines contain potentially harmful chemicals that are composed of at least 50% of solvents.

Reap the benefits of scent marketing

Our team of Ambius professionals are ready to create signature fragrances unique to your brand and business. For a free scenting consultation, contact us online or call us at 800-581-9946.