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Scent marketing: our approach


Colors, decor themes, and even music can be used to create the essence of a brand. At Ambius, we think that essence needs just a little more.

Whether you’re trying to foster an inviting retail environment, put people at ease at a healthcare facility, or create an enhanced guest experience in your hotel, we believe scent has its place in each of those spaces.

John Wiley & Sons Quote on Scent

Multi-sensory, experiential marketing allows you to create deep emotional brand connections that are often missing from traditional marketing channels. In a competitive environment, standing out from your competitors is not just an advantage; it is essential for success. Scent marketing draws on the power of smell to elicit positive responses, giving you an edge over others in your industry.

The Ambius approach to scenting

Custom scent solutions

We partner with you to understand your unique challenges and bring your scenting objectives to life. Enhance your brand and differentiate your business from competitors.

Consultative approach

Our certified in-house scent experts use unique diagnostic tools to create a custom solution for each of your locations, ensuring the delivery of the perfect scent impression at all times.

Premium fragrance design

Our master perfumers Christophe Laudamiel and Raymond Matts have developed signature scents for many of the world’s leading brands -- defining the future of olfactive branding.

Global service excellence

Our service experts deliver discreet, professional and consistent service to global customers across the world.

Scent safety

We prioritize customer safety over everything. As members of IFRA, all our formulations exceed regulatory requirements.

Patented technology

Our scent diffusers produce consistent, uniform scent across your commercial spaces, using industry-leading nebulization technology.

Reap the benefits of scent marketing

Our team of Ambius professionals are ready to create signature fragrances unique to your brand and business. For a free scenting consultation, contact us online or call us at 800-581-9946.