Green walls

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Green wall systems

Whether you are interested in a sprawling green wall for the exterior of a building or a smaller green wall for an office lobby, Ambius will work with you to find the right green wall system.

As a leading designer and installer of green walls, Ambius will recommend a system that best fits your needs. Different systems offer different benefits. Compare some of the green wall systems Ambius offers below.

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Panel Systems

Panel green wall systems are very popular with customers as they are designed to thrive in both interior and exterior environments. Plants are grown into the panels of the walls prior to being installed. The panel systems Ambius installs include the Sagegreenlife Vertical Garden System, GSky® Pro Wall™, SuitePlants LivePicture®, and SuitePlants LivePanel®.

Sagegreenlife Vertical Garden System - a modular hydroponic system that is highly reliable in many different growing environments.

GSky® Pro Wall™ - a highly flexible system for building exteriors with a remote irrigation and fertilization system that allows for 24/7 monitoring.

SuitePlants LivePicture® - a living piece of art that features a powder coated steel frame and requires no electricity.

SuitePlants LivePanel® - a lightweight, eco-friendly system that is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Tray systems

Tray green wall systems are commonly used indoors and can range greatly in size. Ambius installs three main types: GSky® Versa Wall™, GSky® SmartWall™, and NextGen Living Wall.

GSky® Versa Wall™ - a perfect solution for indoor environments with versatility that enables it to meet the needs of many different living wall applications.

GSky® SmartWall™ - an ideal system for indoor areas that features a water tank, timer, and requires no need to connected to a water source.

NextGen Living Wall - an easily-installed system that allows for seamless plant changing.

Freestanding systems

For customers interested in installing a green wall for a smaller space, freestanding green walls can offer the many benefits of vertical gardens without taking up much space. Ambius offers different freestanding green wall systems including: Sagegreenlife™ Productivity Divider, Sagegreenlife™ Duet Divider, and Sagegreenwall™ Flourish.

Sagegreenlife™ Productivity Divider - a single-sided system with a second side dry erase work surface and self-contained watering system.

Sagegreenlife™ Duet Divider - a double-sided, movable system with a self-contained watering system.

Sagegreenlife™ Flourish - a single-sided, moveable wall with built-in LED lighting and a thin profile that doesn't take up much space.

NextGen Divider - a flexible system used as wall decoration or as a room divider, single or double-sided to meet the needs of the space.

Moss walls

For a low-maintanence green wall solution, consider the moss wall. Moss walls add dimension to your space through its textures and shades. Requiring no light or regular watering, moss walls can be used to enhance the aesthetics of an interior classroom or conference room while absorbing echoing sound.